Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Summertime activities! Day 2

Today was Day 2 of the summer activities I have planned for the kids. My back and hip were REALLY bothering me last night (we’re talking radiating pain jolting up my spine kind of pain) so I was not able to blog about Day 1 last night. So! Here is Day 2!

Since we were going to do something science-y today, Jennifer wanted the theme to be "static electricity." So when it came time for that, I read to the kids these kid-friendly pages I printed out about static electricity. They had fun charging a comb and watching the cereal on a thread move close to it, as well as “bending water” with a charged comb. Then they logged in at BrainPOP.com to learn more about static electricity.

While there are positive things resulting from these activities, such as the kids learning new things and working on their math/reading skills, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

For one thing, I have come down with a cold and it’s a struggle dragging myself out of bed in the mornings when I just wanna STAY there and be a sickie. I thought Jesse caught my cold for a while there (he had a bad couple of days) but today he seemed okay. I hope he stays okay! But I wouldn’t be surprised if he caught my cold, too.

For another thing, we’ve been off schedule for two days in a row. Everything is supposed to start at 9:30, but it’s a struggle getting Jennifer (the night owl) up in the mornings. She is NOT a morning person. So we’ve started late.

Also, the kids haven’t EXACTLY been getting along very well. The kids have been fighting and there’s been a lot of drama. Today, after it got so bad that Jennifer tore up Jesse’s picture, I declared activity time was over and the both of them had to be separated for a while so they could cool off.

And, finally, it’s been a challenge for me, personally, trying to do housework and work with the kids during these activities. I fit stuff in here and there – for example, yesterday I folded a load of laundry while lunch cooked and today I made up the beds while the kids took a quiz on the BrainPOP site about static electricity – but not as much got done as usual. I do try to make up for that after we’re done for the day.

Overall, though, it has been fun and it’s definitely kept the kids from having a “boring” summer vacation. Tomorrow is “history” and even though it is technically a holiday, technically not a day for “school stuff” and technically our “family day” during which I’ll be off the computer, we still want to do history. It’s a good opportunity to talk about why we celebrate the 4th of July and what it means to be a free country.

We are looking forward to “craft day” coming up. This week, for music, we have been exploring making music with musical toys. Next week, we’ll make music with homemade instruments. We don’t have many, so we’re going to make more on “craft day.” And Jennifer is excited about “cooking day” coming up. She wants to make something with zucchini. (She is a budding chef.)

I have still managed to fit in time for the writing and book reviewing here and there, as well. Today, however, my muse has been rebelling and because I’m feeling so yucky, I told my muse, “Rebel away.” I’ll get back to it when I am able.

Today Jennifer has learned about “Bloody Mary.” She got really freaked out about it and asked if it was true. I laughed and told her it’s just an urban legend. She says she still wants to do it. I told her to go for it. I just hope she doesn’t learn about “Bloody Mary” the movie. I don’t think that’s a movie she should see.

Last night in my dream, I saw Jonathan Knight at a kid’s birthday party. He was dressed up as a train conductor and entertaining a group of kids. Because I follow him on Twitter, I was tempted to tweet to him, “You look cute dressed up as a train conductor.” But given what happened the last time I replied to one of his tweets, decided to pass on that.

Yeah, I send tweets to people I don’t know on Twitter. I do that all the time. Even respond to tweets from people I don’t know. Is that so terrible? Not that I even HAVE as much time to be on Twitter, as it is. But I’m on there sometimes. Or make it a point to be on there.


Recently, I read an article on strange things people do with ice cream. It mentioned the Ben & Jerry's flavor "Late Night Snack," which has chocolate covered potato chips in it. When I shared that article on Facebook, I noted that I wanted to try it. Happened to see it at the store the other day and it is REALLY good! Who knew that chocolate-covered potato chips in ice cream could be yummy?? Jesse was the only one brave enough to taste it and he likes it, too. So he and I are the only ones in this house who like it. (Jennifer won't go near it!) The ice cream is very soothing to my sore throat. Ah, that is one good thing about having a sore throat. You have an excuse to eat ice cream!

And just for the record, that TV show Good Luck, Charlie rocks! I love that show. I was excited to find out today that there will be a new episode on the 15th. Yay!! The little girl who plays Charlie is ADORABLE. And the new baby is soo cute!!

Personal note to Jennifer: I liked that song "Don't Run Away" too. Well, as far as the lyrics go! And I forgot to tell you that I have a poem in a book called "Run Away." But it's about domestic abuse. So when that book comes out and after you read the poem "Run Away," you can listen to that song "Don't Run Away." Ha!

Have a happy and safe 4th, peoples. Peace out!


Jana B said...

WOWWWWW sounds like you guys are having a blast and your kids are learning that learning is fun!!! That's very awesome and I have to say I really admire you for that.

Chocolate covered potato chips? I'm not sure I could try that LOL

Dawn Colclasure said...

LOL That ice cream isn't for everyone. :) Thanks so much for your comment. The kids will grow up before I know it, so I want to create as many happy memories and bonding moments with them that I can while they are still young.