Thursday, March 08, 2012

Walking before midnight

We finally had some nice weather in Eugene this week. Yay!

It started yesterday, with a weather forecast of clear skies and even some sunshine. My friends and I were pleasantly surprised and one friend told me of how she planned to enjoy this nice weather. My own plan was to go for a nice walk. I love taking walks but I don’t get to do them often because of the bad weather.

But, unfortunately, it was not weather that kept me from enjoying a walk yesterday; it was pain. Stomach pain. For some bizarre reason, I had a sharp, stabbing pain in my stomach almost all day. It started in the morning and just got worse. It got so bad by the afternoon, I was doubled over and unable to keep my mind off of it with other things.

I was not able to pick Jesse up from preschool; the pain was that bad. However, I found a little relief just from lying down. So I did a lot of THAT yesterday and the pain finally went away in the evening.

This morning, once I determined there was going to be a repeat of nice weather today (yay again!), I was DETERMINED to get my walk! Pain or no pain!

But thankfully, I didn’t have any stomach pain or other pain, really. I set out for my walk and despite huffing and puffing as I made my way uphill, I was soon enjoying a brisk wall and just basking in the sunshine. It was WONDERFUL! And I was happy to get my heart pumping with some good walking exercise.

I was happy to be able to enjoy a nice walk in such beautiful weather. And I saw other parents walking with their young kids, too. Or pushing them around in strollers. It just felt GREAT to walk again!

Jennifer does not have school tomorrow so if the weather is good again tomorrow AND if there is no pain to deal with, I think the kids and I will take a walk in the neighborhood. We like to walk to a nearby bridge and point out the ducks, or even to a nearby park. I enjoyed a walk today and I’m hoping the three of us will get to enjoy a walk together tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Something like that happened to me a couple days ago, but mine was because I am sensitive or allergic or something to mushrooms, and I had forgotten that there were mushrooms in the painful. I will NEVER eat them agai.

Dawn Colclasure said...

I am sorry to hear you had to go through that. :( I hope you are feeling better soon. At least you know what it is to avoid. :)