Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick before Spring Break!

It started on a late Thursday afternoon. Jesse was complaining of a sore throat and he felt feverish. When I took his temp, it was 100.4. After I told hubby about this, we both made it a point to keep an eye on him and see if anything else turned up. He said if Jesse was not better by Friday to take him to the doctor.

Well, Jesse wasn’t better on Friday, but we decided to give him medicine instead of taking him to the doc. The medicine seemed to help, but this was not an indication that Jesse was getting better. In fact, he got worse. On Friday evening, he was throwing up really, really bad. He just felt miserable and his temperature would not go down, despite my efforts. As it was, hubby had to come home from work early to help take care of him. Jesse was VERY sick and I was really distraught seeing him in such poor shape.

On Saturday, however, he did seem a little better. No more vomiting or fever. I figured we got through the worst of it.

Then yesterday he started coughing pretty bad. We decided if he was still coughing this morning, he would not go to school today.

Well, he was coughing this morning, so we kept him home. We didn’t have cough medicine for him so hubby had to go buy some.

And he had to buy me some medicine, too. Because now I am sick, too! I have come down with a cold.

It was pretty bad today and I was off my feet a lot. So Jesse and I both vegged out on the couch today. I told him, “You and me are two sickies." We took turns taking care of each other when we had the energy. At one point, I told Jesse I had to eat something so that I could get my strength back. He brought me a cup of milk (that he had poured all by himself!) and some grahams. I thought that was SO sweet!

Jennifer was a big help, too. She took care of her brother so that I could get some rest. (The body aches and head congestion was pretty bad.) I was so proud of her. She even offered to massage my feet -- but I declined. It really wasn't my feet bothering me, but she was sweet to offer.

Jennifer and hubby are the only ones who are not sick. I hope it stays that way. Next week is Spring Break and we have travel plans. I am hoping being sick is something that will have passed us all by when it gets here so that we can stick to those plans.

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