Saturday, January 07, 2012

One thing at a time

You know that mantra, “One day at a time”? I use it often, especially when things get really trying and I feel like NOTHING is getting accomplished. But, lately, I have had to repeat to myself a new mantra: “One thing at a time.”

Especially this week.

I know this week is important, being the first week of the new year, but I can’t allow myself to cave in to the pressure of getting EVERYTHING done or accomplishing EVERYTHING on my list of goals in just the first week.

I have not accomplished everything, but I am getting there. Eventually. It’s been an exercise in taking baby steps towards reaching my goals.

One goal for the year is to get a job – OUTSIDE of the home. No more working from home for me! It’s time to work OUTSIDE of the home. And I’ve been working on that. I’ve been out there filling out applications. I’ve been scouting out places with “Help Wanted” signs, reading the classifieds and checking Craigslist for jobs. In other words, I’m TRYING. It’s not easy – there are hardly any jobs right now that I qualify for – but I’m putting myself out there, at least. You know? I am trying to make that happen. It hasn’t yet, but I’ll get there.

I have to believe that I’ll get there. Won’t allow frustration or pressure or impatience to get me down. This isn’t going to happen right away. I know this. It will take time, and I am willing to take as much time as needed to get there. It’s too bad we can’t afford classes or special training for a job (one reason why I am trying to get a job!), but that’s just the way it is. I hope someday I can go back to school to receive certification in something, something like medical coding (the original plan) or some such.

Another goal was to start my day off with a workout. I want to take my workouts up a notch this year! Last year, I had them here and there. This year, I want them to happen every day and every week. But that hasn’t happened yet, either. I have allowed this setback. It’s okay. I’ll try to start up with that next week!

Another goal was to change my diet – and I DID start out with that this year. But it has not been consistent. I try to eat healthy wherever possible, but those cookies and fudge bars have been a temptation. Ack! I tell myself “those are for the kids” but I have snuck one for myself here or there. I know, bad! But at least it was only one on a particular day (not two or three!). Hopefully, next week, I can put a stop to that. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go without chocolate. Maybe I can use a Dove chocolate piece as a reward.

Another goal was that this year, I am going to learn how to make clothes. No, that has not happened yet. That did not get done this week. BUT I did find a class that offers instruction on this very thing. So that's something, right? I found a class for that. I have to find out how much it will cost and what their hours are. (I also found a place where Jennifer can get horseback riding lessons, but I have to see if we can fit it into our budget.)

Still, I have accomplished some things. The big thing is, no more beer. Hooray! I have had beer here and there last year, but I know that beer is not healthy for me. And it’s too easy to have one too many of those beers. (And I think that beer was hampering my attempts to lose weight!) So I took beer out of my diet and, so far, it has stayed out. On the other hand, I know they say that red wine is good for your heart. I have been thinking a weekly glass of red wine might be a good choice health-wise, but as to the beer, nope. It’s outta the picture.

And that is an accomplishment I am glad I made for this first week of the year. (Happy dance!)

Other Week One accomplishments:

*Got Jennifer to either the bus or at school ON TIME every day. Woo-hoo!

*Stayed on top of getting the laundry done. No more mountains of laundry that has me running away screaming!

*Got the house organized -- and have KEPT it that way!

*Found time to read, in a book, every day.

*Kept up with newspaper-reading every day. On the days I GOT a newspaper, that is. (Growls.)

*Got after Jennifer about her chores and homework. I learned last year that I can't rely on her to do those things herself. So I had to make it a point to check in with her about her homework and remind her that the "chore chart" isn't looking very good this week. Success!

Finally, another goal for this year is to save money. And I am saving money, so far this year. I have put aside some money to save. It's not a lot, and it's less than my $100/month goal, but it's there, and that's something.

We’ll be rolling into Week 2 soon enough. Time to get those other unaccomplished goals – the workouts and healthy diet – into action! It’s actually a good thing I didn’t accomplish some things during the first week, because now I am all the more eager to take them on in Week 2! LET’S DO THIS!!!


Jenn Greenleaf said...

I think you're doing awesome - you're too hard on yourself, Dawn!! ::hugs:: Finding a job IS a job, and so is staying on top of housework, laundry, and child-rearing. Add all you've done on top of that - including organizing your house, is HUGE. I wish my house was organized, and I finally defeated my laundry pile today. I haven't cut out beer (well, fruit flavored beer that is - Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade), but it's only once or twice a week. :-)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks so much for your awesome comment, Jenn!! You are so kind and I appreciate it. Those drinks are pretty good. I just don't want beer in my diet anymore. I have read far too many reports of the harmful effects it can have on the brain. Plus, like I said, it's too easy to indulge in that -- and without knowing when there has been enough! I just think taking it out of my diet is the right thing to do. After some thought, I did add the red wine to my diet, but it will only be a weekend thing, and even then, not more than two. I read an article recently of women drinking like 3 or 4 glasses of wine every night and the consequences they suffered from that and it was really eye-opening! Good luck in getting YOUR house organized. :) Hugs back!

Jana B said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW look at you!!!!! I'm completely impressed!!!! I have kept up with homework... that's the only thing I've accomplished the first week of this semester. I didn't get to sleep on time, or wake up on time, or even get to class on time... my hosue is a mess, and my laundry is piling up... but I kept up with homework, and cooked more meals than usual instead of eating out (bad for the budget and for the body) or begging the hubby to cook. Small progress for me is good enough. But you.... dang! You go girl!!!!!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Jana. :) Yes, small progress is better than no progress. Good on you for getting that homework done! Homework has deadlines, housework does not. This schooling is important so pat yourself on the back for staying on top of the homework! The other things will get worked out in time. That's the way it has been for me, these two other weeks into the new year. Baby steps! Good luck to you.