Friday, January 20, 2012

Dawn's Hubby is (Not) on Facebook

When I first signed up for Facebook, it was for one purpose only: To network with fellow writers. Of course, the fact that I had so much family on there became a plus. Then my presence on Facebook took a big turn. My reasons for being on Facebook got to be a little bit personal. I used it to stay in touch with family and friends.

Still, I worried about having that “author presence” on Facebook, as I know I wanted to have. Didn’t like it so much that the personal stuff AND the author stuff were on the same profile.

The solution? An author page on Facebook! Yay! So I created an author page just for that author stuff and I use my personal profile for family, personal and occasional writing stuff.

Eventually, my husband joined Facebook. He didn’t like Facebook at first and didn’t really see much use for it. But then he saw how it would help create a better connection with family and allow them to stay in touch with him better. So he finally created a profile. Yay! My husband was FINALLY joining me on Facebook!

Or … was he?

I started to notice he didn’t participate so much on Facebook. Sure, he added people and stuff, but he still has not really taken to it just yet.

And I’m going to stop right here and say that, YES, my husband REALLY IS on Facebook. He REALLY exists. I didn’t create a fake profile of his, or anything. And he IS a real person!

And I say all that because, in the time he has had a Facebook account, he doesn’t really use it so much.

And he has not really made his presence known on my profile, either. He has never commented on anything or liked anything on my profile. Ever.

But he really, truly exists! He really, truly has his own Facebook account!

He just doesn’t use it so much.

I asked him today about that. it kinda bugged me that he has NEVER commented on anything on my profile or liked anything. Didn’t he WANT to make himself known on my page? Didn't he want to show that he is there, reading stuff and looking at stuff?

So when I asked him why, he told me he doesn’t really like Facebook. He’s not much of a Facebook user. He hardly ever logs in there. He usually does only if someone messages him. He told me NOT to take it personally, but commenting on things and liking things on Facebook are just not something he wants to do.

Well, I DID take it a little bit personally, because, you know, I don’t want people thinking he doesn’t give a crap about the stuff I put on Facebook or that he Just. Doesn’t. Care. Or that he doesn't really exist!

But, you know, I got over that. If people are gonna think that, then people are gonna think that. And there’s not a darn thing I can do about it.

For the record, my husband and I have a good relationship. We get along. We love each other. We spend time with each other. Etc., etc. And that is true whether or not it’s obvious by what he does (and doesn’t do) on Facebook.

He’s just not much of a Facebook user and that’s all there is to it.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Well my hubby says facebook is for girls! He also has a profile but is rarely on it, except on a rare occasion when someone from college or high school etc contacts him on there. But even then, he always says he doesnt like communicating on there, and ends up just emailing or talking by phone.

My hubby also doesnt comment me on facebook and I could care less what anyone thinks. His explanation? He lives with me, and can just TELL me if he likes something or not. LOL Also he doesnt like it if I say somehting to him on his page because then he feels it is not "genuine" because its in a public arena!!!
He really doesnt like facebook and wishes I would spend less time on it. I also would like to have an author page someday...but i need to publish something first, besides my blogs I guess!

Dawn Colclasure said...

LOL Some men are just like that. My own hubby also doesn't usually answer my emails unless it is an emergency, because he says he can tell me his response face-to-face. Facebook is nice but I hate the chat feature. I DO NOT always have time to chat and people want to chat and I feel bad or guilty saying "can't talk now" or "sorry, have to run." I'm on and off the computer a lot. Anyway, keep trying to get published, Nancy! I know you can do it! Just keep putting yourself out there and networking with writers. Don't give up! It took me YEARS to get to where I am and I know you have material that is unique and interesting enough to be published. Good luck!