Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy 2012!

A new year is finally here. Yay! And while some good things happened in 2011, there were some sucky things, too. I hope there will be a lot MORE good things in 2012 and not so many sucky things.

I have to pause, though, and think about one thing: Now that it’s 2012, people have just one more year to go all number-crazy. I read about some people who went ALL OUT on 11-11-11. And now we’ll have 12-12-12 this year. We’ve seen people go a bit number-crazy for the past 11 years. In fact, one of my sisters had a baby due on 6-6-6, but she asked her doctor to induce labor so that she could have her baby before 6-6-6. And speaking of that particular date, there is a business here in Eugene that has “666” in its address. That address is on a big sign in front of the building. On June 6, 2006, somebody spray-painted “HELL HERE” underneath the “666” on that sign.

The interesting thing about this being 2012 is that, not too long ago, I read about how some people were suggesting a change to our Gregorian calendar, to add another 13th month. That way, we’ll also get to have 13-13-13 when it’s 2013!

Am I the only one who thinks this numbers craze has gone on long enough?? Good riddance! Please, please don’t add a 13th month just for the sake of having a 13-13-13 next year. That’s just crazy. (And think of all the people who are scared to death of the number 13!) What’s next, adding a 14th month for 2014? And a 15th month for 2015? How far will this insanity go?

Not only did that idea strike me as odd, but think about all of the changes that will have to be made if we did indeed have a 13th month. All the new calendars that would have to be created. Plus all the old 12-month calendars people will then have to get rid of – and while we’d all like to think they’ll be recycled, they could very well end up in the trash. That’s more trash to worry about right there!

Nope, I think we should stick with 12 months. And here we are, at 2012. The very last year of the new millennium we’ll all get to go number-crazy.

But this year, we’ll also see some folks go a little bit “end of the world” crazy, too. After all, there is that popular doomsday date of 12-21-12. The Mayans beat Harold Camp to the punch long ago in scaring up a lot of people to think this year will be the very last for all mankind. And planet Earth.

Should be interesting stuff to watch, and poke fun at.

Happy New Year.

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