Friday, July 10, 2009


The dental procedure went well. I opted for Novocaine and I didn't feel a thing. Actually, the only thing that hurt were the injections.

The painkillers make me dizzy so I try to avoid taking them if possible, The pain is not so bad, really. And the nurse said I can take 3 regular Tylenol, if needed. I might do that during the day and save the extra-strength stuff for the evening. I will be alone with the kids today. I think I can wing it.

Not liking the liquid diet, though. It just feels like I'm not getting sufficient nutrition. I'll probably throw in a multivitamin and my regular iron pill for good measure. At least it won't have to be for very long. Hopefully, I can switch to soft foods soon. Like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, oatmeal.

I am trying to get some writing work done but it's not easy. It's hard to concentrate. This, too, will pass, I know. But it's frustrating that I can't get on with it.

In any event, I'm glad the procedure went well and I am thankful to be rid of those bothersome teeth. I will have to get caps to replace that one bad tooth. I dunno, are you supposed to get caps after your wisdom teeth are pulled? I'll have to look into it. I'm looking forward to getting rid of the other wisdom teeth. Just get all that done and over with and I won't have to be nervous about my dental problems anymore. Yay for insurance!

LATER: I called the dentist's office about the dizziness. The headaches and dizziness were getting pretty bad and I was concerned. They thought maybe it's because of dehydration and they reminded me to drink lots of fluids. They also thought maybe I was not getting enough to eat and said to go ahead and eat soft foods, as long as it's on the right side. The Slim Fast meal shakes are yummy but I could NEVER live off of them alone. My brain just won't function right and I hate it when stuff slows me down, be it hunger, intoxication, sickness, etc. They also said to stop taking the painkillers and just use Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain. I'm not really having much pain at the extraction site. Hardly any pain at all. Just the headaches and dizziness are the big problem.


Nancy said...

Im glad you're ok! Sorry to hear you are dizzy though, that could also be a side effect of the novacaine but they never admit it. I once started shaking and sweating from a shot of novacaine, some people are just very sensitive.
No, you dont get caps for wisdom teeth. Since they are at the very back of your mouth its not like anyone sees these so, they just take them out and your gums heal over.
Did you get something to eat? I hope you're feeling better!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Nancy. Yes, I had some mac & cheese but it was hard to open my mouth to put the food in. Even when there was a tiny bit of food on the fork. I tried to eat a tuna sandwich today and could barely squeeze it into my mouth. I ate half of the sandwich. Things sure do taste different but I guess that will pass. I didn't know that about the Novocaine causing dizziness! That could be it.