Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today while doing some grocery shopping, I headed over to Starbucks and got coffee. Today they gave away a FREE pastry to anyone who bought a coffee. I bought 2 coffees and got TWO free pastries. Yay! I chose the blueberry scone, which is my favie. I ordered a venti White Chocolate Mocha for myself. This is my chosen drink but sometimes, it tastes different when other people make it. One lady who works there knows how to make it just right. Still, I can't complain. IT'S COFFEE!!

Which is what I drank a lot of today. A LOT. Sure that meant running to the bathroom a lot, but, hey! At least I got my caffeine fix for the day! (Which, apparently, is not yet winding off. Hmm.)

Also today, I had some computer glitches. Been having some problems with MS Word but hubby fixed it today. Woo-woo! Now I can get back to work! I was practically tearing my hair out of my head because Word kept freezing up and I couldn't get ANYTHING done! Gah! I took this as a sign to get my short story written and finished up (which I have been working on since Saturday), but I still wanted to work on the books. Must! Stick! To! Schedule! Believe me, the only time I'll be able to take a break from these books is when they are DONE and SENT OFF. Then I will relax.

I just can't until then, y'know?

Must finish books! Must meet deadlines!

Today we were planning on having a talent show for a special activity. Jennifer wanted to sing but she had a thing about singing when I wouldn't be able to hear her sing. So I invited the neighbors over but they never showed up. She felt bad about that. I assured her we'll have another talent show next week and she can do something else. I suggested she do something else today but she was SO insistent about singing. She does like to sing.

And I bought goodies for nothing, too. So I guess both of us were disappointed.

Still, in the evening, she did sing her song to me. She sang a bedtime lullaby. It was SO SWEET! It was one she made up. This reminded me of how I made up a lullaby for her when she was a baby. I wrote mine down at the time, but she has not yet written this one down. I think I should tell her to write it down. If anything, it could be a keepsake for her brother, who she made the song up for. It's a really sweet lullaby.

Today when I did the housework, I went the extra mile and dusted areas of the house I usually don't dust. I was appalled at how much dust can collect EVERYWHERE in a house! That's craziness! I made a mental note to be sure to keep up with the dusting in those little areas just so dust does not collect. Too much dust in a house can cause serious respiratory problems. As it is, I have bronchitis, and I know that too much dust will only make it worse.

Anyway, another computer glitch we ran into was the speaker not working. This was my "duh moment" for the day. I was trying to play some tunes via YouTube the kids could enjoy listening to but Jen tells me that the speakers were not working after I already ran two videos. This, after she played her computer game for over an hour, with the speaker turned on! I thought it was working. So I got a tip on how to fix that and soon they were rocking to the Beach Boys and ZZ Top.

The problem with the speaker is that, by default, it's muted on my account. Gah! I did NOT know that. So now I know that, from now on, I have to turn "mute" off if Jen wants to use the speakers on my account.

And the other computer glitch I had was with Firefox, the browser I use. (I read on a friend's blog how Firefox had MUCH better security then IE, so that's why I started using Firefox.) Today I upgraded to the new version of Firefox and thought it was pretty cool. For one thing, no more going to "File" and WAITING for the drop-down menu to show to open a new tab. Now I just click on the "plus" sign and a new tab opens. Huzzah!

But this evening, something weird happened. When I tried to close a tab by clicking on the "x" thingy, a new blank tab opened! Huh?? I tried to close it and another one opened. Then that happened again!

My hubby and I were chatting at the time. He advised me to just close Firefox then try getting back on to see what happens. After I finish with this blog post, I will see what happens!


Anonymous said...

that thing you describe at the end has happened to me. I dont know what it is, but usually I just restart the computer and its gone for a while again.

I'm sorry your neighbors didnt show up! :-( thats a bummer, I think I'd be really upset at the neighbors for upsetting my child by not showing up.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Yeah, when I logged off then got back on the 'Net again, it stopped happening. Very weird. Word is up to its old tricks again. Sigh! It's frustrating, especially when I'm trying to get some work done. I just try to work faster and save more frequently before it has the chance to freeze up again. We think it might be a memory thing. Or maybe we just need to upgrade. I have found it won't freeze up when I don't have anything else running.

Yes, I was very disappointed they didn't show up. And we didn't get a reason why, either. Which is worst! I was NOT happy. Do what you want to me, call me names and rub me wrong, but don't you DARE hurt my children! You know? It broke my heart to see her so upset and I was just angry.

At the same time, I made a promise to myself: One day, millions of people will get to hear her sing. Even if I have to put a video on YouTube!