Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to books

One thing that I like to do on Facebook is share a picture of “the two books I started reading today.” Up until this year, I was always reading two books at one time: A novel and a nonfiction book. If I happened to start reading two new books on the same day, I would share a picture of what books they were.

My reading habits have changed this year. I am now reading THREE books at one time – a novel, a nonfiction book, and an ebook. For the longest time, I have been trying to figure out how to read all of the ebooks that I own. I couldn’t just let them sit there on the hard drive, collecting virtual dust. I wanted to read the ones I haven’t gotten to yet – months or even years after buying them. (I know, I’m terrible!) Even so, if I start reading two print books at the same time (which I probably will next week), I will share a picture of them. Can’t share a picture of the ebook, of course, but that info is shared through Goodreads. (If only it was possible to list more than one book I am currently reading on Goodreads! But one of the books I am currently reading is a book for Night Owl Reviews and I can’t put my review of that book on there.)

It has been an interesting experience reading three books at one time. Of course, sometimes there are days I can’t read all 3 in one day, but I do try to read all 3 of them in a day. Nevertheless, this has become my current reading routine. If anything, it will help me to get through more books faster!

The three books I am currently reading are:

Hellknight by Liane Merciel (NOR book)
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain
How To Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically by Carolyn Howard-Johnson (the ebook that is another book I am going to review)

In one part of Hellknight that I came across recently, a character who was waiting to see someone passed the many hours away getting comfy in a chair and reading one of the books he had in his library. I could only smile as I read that, thinking that would be the exact same thing that I would do. This is why I like to have a book with me wherever I go; I can just start reading while I wait! I just love books and love to read!

In fact, I spent a lot of time reading yesterday. I didn’t just read the three books; I also read 2 newspapers and half of a magazine. (I was on a reading frenzy!)

And there was something else that I was reading, too: A page in a book that my son had read.

Last night, as I sat at the desk waiting for Jesse to finish doing something, I picked up a WARRIORS book that he’d left there and opened it to the first page of Chapter 7. And started reading it. I really liked what I read so when I noticed that Jesse was done, I held up the book and said, “This is awesome!” (As it was, it was hard for me to stop reading! Now I know why the WARRIORS series is so popular.) He walked over to see what book it was then started laughing. “Mom, this isn’t the first book,” he said.

“So?” I asked, shrugging. It is not unusual for me to start reading a book in a series that is not the first book. “I was just checking it out.”

“This is the fifth book,” Jesse said. “You should start with the first book.”

I studied the book and its spine. It was indeed the fifth book in that particular series. I told Jesse that I was just curious about it and that I would definitely start reading the first book real soon.

He looked at me and asked, “Why not read it now?”

I chuckled and explained that I am currently reading 3 books at one time and I don’t know if I can squeeze in a fourth one.

He asked me when I read the books and I told him, “Morning, noon and night.” The anal numbers person in me was satisfied with this answer, thinking it was a good balance of reading time in one day. (After I get the gym membership again, I hope to also have that balance with my workouts!)

Jesse thought a minute then said, “You could read this in the afternoon.”

I thought about that, then reminded him that I was actually planning to finish reading the Harry Potter series before starting another series. Or even the Percy Jackson series! (And, YES, I am actually someone who has NOT read the entire Harry Potter series yet!)

Jesse ran to get the first book in the series then he pretty much shoved the book into my hands and said, “Just read it!”

He was so set on me adding this book to my reading routine that he grabbed a Post-It Note and a pen and wrote “Read In The Afternoon!!!!!” on it then placed it on the book. To show he was serious, he even put the book onto the stack of books I am currently reading.

Well, that settles it, then!

But because I like to start new things on a Monday (I did kinda mention I was anal about my routines, right?), I decided to start reading 4 books at a time next week. On NEXT Monday, the 23rd. I am almost finished reading two books as it is and, if I keep up with the way I am reading them now, I should be done with them by the weekend. So I will have THREE books ready to start reading next week, which will be three of four books I am reading at one time.

Hm, will it now be “the three books I started reading today” that I share on Facebook? I wonder. On the plus side, I will then be reading a nice balance of two novels and two nonfiction books (one of them for review and the other for research).

Well, it looks like one book I start reading next week is for research purposes, plus another novel AND another novel: The first WARRIORS book in the first series. (Sorry, J.K. I’ll get to those remaining Harry Potter books someday!) And I'll be adding a nonfiction ebook to that mix, too.

So as of next week, I will be reading four books at one time. Instead of three books at one time.

This should be interesting.

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