Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Basketball, at last!

Last year, I signed Jesse up for basketball through Kidsports. Unfortunately, because I didn’t have transportation, Jesse missed the first practice. I was worried about Jesse being cut from the team but I let the coach know ahead of time about the situation and he assured me that would not happen. Jesse was very upset that he missed the first practice but he looked forward to going to the next practice.

Unfortunately, the next practice did not happen too soon. We had some inclemental weather so practice was cancelled. Of course we were upset about this, but looked forward to going after the new year started.

Well, basketball practice in the new year got off to a rough start! We had more severe winter weather this month (though not as bad as in other areas) and basketball practice kept being cancelled.

When the snow fell last week – which interfered with children going to school – I decided not to drive unless I absolutely had to. There was snow and ice everywhere. Also, I am not used to driving a minivan in the winter (it’s only been a year since we got the van!), so I put off driving for a while there. Then the weather lessened in severity and kids got the okay to return to school.

And yesterday was the first day and the first time I drove the minivan in the winter. A lot of streets were cleared of snow, but there were still snowy and icy areas. There was also a lot of slush. I was super cautious when driving yesterday and also drove a little slower than normal. I also made sure there was ample room for stopping. It went well and today was much better because a lot more snow and ice melted away. The temp was actually higher than my age for once – I was happy and pleased to see that it was 45 degrees today! (It had been in the 30s and lower 40s for a while there.) And today we even had some sunshine and it was nice to see some GREEN again! Jesse and I spent time on the driveway today removing patches of snow to make it easier for us to walk on it. I was glad to get rid of it!

I had a good feeling that meant there would be basketball practice today. And guess what: There was! Jesse came home feeling bummed thinking that basketball practice would be cancelled and I smiled and told him that it wasn’t. He was very excited about finally being able to go to basketball practice today!

He had a great time at basketball practice, too. His coach is the same coach he had for the first time he played baseball. Well, he has this coach for the first time he is playing basketball, too! Awesome! (And the coach is a great coach!) So now Jesse is playing basketball. This is the third sport that he is playing! 

I enjoyed watching Jesse at basketball practice. I took some pics at first, of course. I also sent out a couple of tweets. But I soon realized that I needed to not only watch Jesse at practice but also my surroundings, because this happened:

Yep, you gotta watch out for flying basketballs at basketball practice. There was one time a basketball almost came flying down at Jesse but he ducked out of the way.

The first basketball practice was awesome and Jesse gets along with his teammates. We look forward to going again soon and Jesse is very happy to officially be playing basketball now.

Here are pics I took:

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