Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fun Day at the 2016 Lane County Fair

The Lane County Fair is an annual event that takes place here in Eugene every year. And it’s an event that we go to every year! We love going to the fair! It’s the one thing we are always excited about every summer! The fair started earlier this week but we can only go on the weekends, so we went today!

Last year, they introduced a “ride bracelet.” This bracelet allowed a fairgoer unlimited rides! Usually, some rides require anywhere from 6-10 tickets, and the price for 120 tickets this year was $50. The ride bracelet is $50 each, and I think it is the better deal! Also this year, people were able to buy the ride bracelet earlier in the month for $37.50 each. But I saved up the $100 so that both kids could each get a bracelet. They always have so much fun going on all the rides!

Well, of course they can’t go on ALL the rides, because the bracelet expires at 10 p.m. But they sure do get to enjoy going on a lot of rides thanks to the bracelet. I am so glad they had it again this year!

Also this year, I got one fair food to enjoy. Last year, it was an Elephant Ear. This year, it was fried ice cream. Yummy! I also took my usual picture of the Ferris wheel like I do every year at the fair.

Like last year, we ate a big late lunch before heading out to the fair. We usually can’t afford the pricey food, which is why I only usually get just one thing, and one thing that is a fair food. Hubby and the kids got Elephant Ears this year. Jesse loved it!

The weather today was just beautiful. I was worried that it was going to be hot because the expected temp for today was 82 but it was really nice and sunny and we had occasional cool breezes. Even so, I made sure the kids and I both put on sunscreen before heading out.

Last year at the fair, Jesse won one thing. This year he won two! I am glad he got to win prizes at the fair.

The kids had so much fun going on the rides. The fair was packed but we managed to get through it okay. I was happy to run into a few people we know (though surprised to see them!) and I enjoyed my time at the fair even though I didn’t go on any rides. It was still fun!

In the past, my friend Kim has talked about seeing the animals at the fair. We could never find them! However, we got lucky this year: We found the animals! Jesse got to see some sheep and a goat. There were probably more animals there (I did see horses!), but we didn’t stay there long. I am glad I finally found them this year, though! Now I know where to look next year.

Last year at the fair, Jennifer headed out on her own to go on rides, but this year, she wanted her dad to go with her. She did go on a few rides with Jesse but then we split up. I stayed with Jesse and hubby stayed with her. I took some pics of Jesse on rides.

We had so much fun at the fair today. It was such a fun time! There was a lot of walking and so many crowds of people but we are happy that we got to go to the county fair yet again this year. Can’t wait for next year!

Here are pics I took. Last year, I took pics of Jesse when he went on every ride. I didn't do that again this year. 

The first pic is on the side of the Haunted Mansion ride. I just thought it was cool.

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