Thursday, July 28, 2016

Enjoying what is left of our summer

Last night, I had this dream where it was my son’s first day at school. A friend and her son were hanging out with us on the day before and she was asking me if I had everything ready for the new school year. I was surprised this particular friend was in the dream, because our boys do not go to the same school. But anyway, we were just talking about being ready for tomorrow. Well, the next day, I overslept and was lagging behind on getting my son ready to go, so he ended up being late for school.

I woke up from this dream confused as to why I even had it in the first place. I wanted to cry out, “FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, IT’S STILL SUMMER!”

My kids don’t go back to school until September. (For one of my sisters in California, her kids go back August 1st.) So we are still pretty much enjoying as much of our summer funtime and being lazy and doing other things that we can. We are NOT focused on the whole “back to school” thing YET. We are still enjoying summer!

Yes, we do have a list of what the kids will need when they go back to school. Yes, we have been buying items on that list here and there. Yes, I DID enroll my daughter into her new school, and she did select the classes she wanted. Yes, we have penciled in the exact date we all switch back to the “school year schedule.”

But, for the most part, we are still enjoying our summer. We still eat whatever whenever we want to. We still stay up at odd hours of the night because the kids have no bedtime during the summer (except for when there are things planned for the next day – like tomorrow, I am taking the kids somewhere, and we have to leave before noon so we have to go to bed at a certain time tonight and not sleep in tomorrow!). We still do whatever the heck we want to with our days – or even nothing at all. Because it's summer vacation!

We are still enjoying that summer vacation. And that’s the plan for a couple more weeks. (Well, except for me. I’m switching back to the “school year schedule” on Monday and going back to the diet and exercise routines because of a couple of things I need to be ready for next year).

I have noticed some of my friends on Facebook talking about getting ready for back to school. (They probably need to, if school starts earlier for their kids.) I have certainly taken stock of what my kids need to be ready and, of course, I’ll be doing the whole “clothes inventory” ritual for their dressers and closets to see what clothing they need. But as for us, we are not freaking out about being ready for back to school. Not YET, anyway!

Maybe this dream was a reminder to be ready. (And of course I will, because I KNOW what we have to do and what will be expected of me! My son late for school on his first day back to school? Not on my watch!) Or maybe it was a reflection of somebody who has been judging me just because we have been so lax during the summer and not on some kind of rigid schedule. (If that is the case, screw them!) But whatever the case, I’m not going to let it send me into hysterics to be ready for when it’s time for the kids to go back to school. We WILL be ready, just in our own way and in our own time.

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