Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Texting while shopping

During the weekday mornings, I turn on the local news and leave it on that channel for Good Morning, America. This morning, as I was getting ready to leave to take Jesse to school, we happened to notice a “special report” on GMA about a rise in deaths or accidents among people who were texting and walking at the same time. It reminded me of this news story I read some time ago about a man who fell to his death because he was texting and walking and he walked right off of a mountain. Jesse and I watched the videos of several people who had accidents – they walked into walls, into traffic and even into a fountain – because they were texting and walking. I told Jesse this was why I never texted and walked at the same time. Of course, there was one time it was an emergency and I sort of had to text while walking/running but fortunately I made it out of that ok. But I usually never do it. Jesse agreed that it was a bad idea, especially after seeing the video. Later, I asked Jennifer if she does that, and she said sometimes but she’s able to watch where she’s going while texting.

Well, later today – this evening, actually – I got a good dose of just how much of a bad idea it was to text and walk, because I ended up texting while shopping!

After I got home from taking Jesse to gymnastics class, I was looking forward to getting dinner going, taking care of a couple of chores I had NOT gotten around to YET and being home for the day. But that didn’t happen! Right after I got home, Jennifer informed me that someone at her school had taken her fabric ribbon that she needed for a school project – and that project was due tomorrow! So of course she needed me to drive her to the craft store to get more fabric ribbon.

On any other occasion and if it was earlier in the day, I would have been happy to take her to the craft store. We go to Ben Franklin Crafts and it’s a pretty awesome craft store. But tonight, I was tired, had things to do and was NOT looking forward to more driving – especially to a store quite a distance from us. But, I was the only one to do it. It was up to me!

First, however, I texted my friend and asked her if she had any ribbon that Jen could use. She did, but not cloth ribbon. Which was what we needed. And instead of the conversation ending there, it actually continued on for a while! Not while I was driving, of course. No way would I ever text and drive! And while I was driving there, I was thinking, ‘I’m so glad I put gas in the van today!’ As well, as that old standby: ‘Why can’t there be two of me?’ 

After we arrived at the craft store, I resumed texting with my friend while the kids A: Got the ribbon and B: Checked out other craft projects in the store. (It’s a cool store!!)

But at one point, I got so caught up with texting, I finally looked up and noticed the kids WAITING for me to pay for the ribbon and the cashier trying not to laugh as she stared at me.

I was a 41-year-old woman doing what teenagers typically do: Text on my phone with one of my besties when I should be paying attention to my surroundings. I was texting while shopping! Oh nos!

I took care of that bidness. Then I was texting my friend again on the way out of the store and to the van. And after we got home, too. (It was a good conversation!)

I think it was silly I was texting while shopping because obvi I got distracted by it. Usually, if I text while I shop, it’s to ask about a brand or if we need something while I’m there at the store. Or it’s the kids asking me to get something for them! But usually not when it comes to checking out. I’m a little embarrassed that happened but it was funny too. At least nobody got hurt. And at least it’s not as bad as texting while driving!

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