Friday, March 04, 2016

Back on schedule...and...The Dr. Seuss Extravaganza

Back in January, Jesse hurt his hand and had to go to Urgent Care. It turned out he had a broken bone in his hand and a fracture in one of his fingers. He had to wear a cast for a while. It was a real challenge for him to do most things with one hand and learning to be more careful with his injured casted hand. And, for a while there, this interrupted a couple of things he had going on up until then: Gymnastics class and piano lessons. Both of those things were put on hold while his hand recovered. Recently, he had the cast removed, but he had to wait another week before he could go back to those things. (We did consider that he might continue piano lessons with one hand but Jesse didn’t like that idea.)

Finally, he was able to go back to gymnastics class and resume piano lessons. He did both of those things for the first time in over a month this week. So it looks like we’re back to the schedule that we were on before: Jesse with gymnastics class on one day then piano lessons on another day, and Jennifer still having her violin lesson each week but now also waiting patiently for her brother to finish his music lesson so that she could have hers. (We are trying to get Jennifer set up with a second activity – because I want my kids to be taking a music lesson as well as a physical activity – but haven’t got that set up just yet. She has definitely lost interest in sports.)

Jesse is glad to be back at his normal routines. I’ll have to get used to resuming that weekly schedule but I am also glad things are back to normal.

This week, Jesse’s school has been celebrating Dr. Seuss, with a themed day for every day of the week. Today was Silly Hat Day but also the Dr. Seuss Extravaganza. They have this “Dr. Seuss Week” every year during the week of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. I took Jesse to the Extravaganza this evening and here are the pictures I took from that event.

He had a lot of fun and it was nice to run into familiar faces. I was glad to be able to visit the Book Fair they were having at the event. We had a good time and glad we were there for such a fun event.


Millie said...

Thanks for pics! I'm glad he's feeling better :)

Dawn Wilson said...

Thanks! Me, too.