Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jesse's 7th birthday

Today my youngest child, Jesse, turned 7 years old. Yay! All month we’d been trying to figure out what to do for his birthday (like we did the month before Jennifer’s B-day!) but he knew one thing: He wanted to have his birthday party at home. That was a good start!

But while the party was going down today, I began to question this decision. Only 3 of Jesse’s friends showed up for the party, and the four boys were pretty much undecided on what to do. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any games or activities planned. But they eventually came up with games to play on their own. Because it was raining, they had to play inside. Which pretty much meant there was a bit of rowdiness going on in the house with four boys running around and playing. (Jennifer, being smart, stayed in her room with her friend, who was visiting!) It was hard to steer clear of them running around but I was just glad they were occupied and having a good time. (I still think we should have his party outside of the house next year! Especially when he’s a teenager! I dread the thought of he and his football-player sized friends storming around the house!)

There were a few problem spots we had but it went over really well.

Instead of just a birthday cake this year, Jesse had the cake AND cupcakes with gumballs on them. Those were certainly popular. I had the cake, though.

Jesse didn’t get all the stuff on his wish list for his birthday, but he did get some nice gifts. He was SO excited about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff and also excited to get a remote control truck. He was also happy to get a ball as well as a Lego set. He was certainly happy with what he DID get!

After the cake and presents, Jennifer finally decided to hang out with them, but only to show off her remote control helicopter. (They thought that was REALLY neat!) Then they had to go home. Jennifer’s friend stayed a little longer and had dinner with us before she had to go home, too.

It was a good day for the Birthday Boy. And tomorrow, we’re off to Skate World as an extra birthday treat!

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

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