Friday, October 10, 2014

If she's happy, I'm happy

So Jennifer’s 13th birthday has come and gone. I am glad we got that done and out of the way, but now we have another birthday to celebrate this month (Jesse’s 7th) so I’ve been focusing on that. But I have also been feeling a little guilty that maybe we didn’t do enough to give Jennifer the AWESOME birthday every 13-year-old girl should have.

I mean, I felt bad that we couldn’t have her party at Skate World. Still, I felt the price was too much for the kind of birthday party packages they offer, so I stand by that. But maybe it would’ve been worth it in memories. I don’t know.

I also felt bad she didn’t get to go see Annabelle on her birthday. Yeah, she was pretty upset about that, too. But it was out of our control. Nothing could be done about that.

I was pretty much convinced her birthday was just a huge failure. So many things went wrong on her big day. But I guess the things that went right made up for it.

We didn’t just celebrate her birthday on Friday. We celebrated her birthday for 3 whole days. She had the 2 parties she wanted – three friends showed up at the first and six showed up at the second – and she DID get to go to Skate World on the third day. But just to skate. She also did get to watch a horror movie for her B-day (The Grudge) and she got some very cool presents, too. One was a portable DVD player from me and her dad and another was a remote control helicopter from a friend. Another friend gave her something she made herself and that was really special because the gifts that people make themselves are the best kind.

I was still feeling guilty, though. What if it had not been all that great after all?

But she wanted me to read her blog post today and in it she went on about how awesome her 13th B-day was. (More like a birthday weekend!) I asked her about it and if she was happy with how it had turned out. Her face lit up and she said, “It was AWESOME!” She gave two thumbs up for emphasis.

Hey, if she was happy with it, I’ll be happy with it. Some of her best friends were there and she still had some good things happen for those 3 days we celebrated her birthday, and that’s what counts.


Millie said...

I'm sure she is satisfied with it. Things can't always go perfectly how one would plan or hope so, so it makes us learn to appreciate what we get! When she emailed me she told me that is was awesome and how much fun she had, so I'm sure she's happy. :)

Dawn Colclasure said...

I am glad she was happy with it. My kids' happiness means so much to me.