Friday, June 27, 2014

Seven years, without the itch

They say most marriages are doomed to failure because of what’s known as “the seven year itch.” For some reason or another, after seven years of marriage, most folks want to move on to someone else.

But you know what? Not me.

Today is the seventh anniversary I remarried my husband and the truth is, I couldn’t be happier. I have NO regrets! Yes, I lost friends because I went back to him. (So-called “friends.”) And, yes, I got harsh criticism from family members for remarrying him, but today I can say that it was the right choice I made. I did it because I wanted to make things right for my daughter. And while things were hard at first, today, everything’s perfect. My husband treats me like a queen!

The one thing that stood out about my decision to go back to him was this: He was there for me, at my side, when I was pushing him away. After I passed out at the bookstore and got a ride home from a friend, he rushed over to check on me and make sure I was okay. After I walked to a job interview in freezing weather and ended up on his doorstep for a ride home, he made sure I was warm and comfortable again before driving me home.

I divorced this man because our marriage was not what it should be. And I remarried this man because I started to have a little glint of hope that our marriage WILL be what it should be. If only given the chance. And today, after seven years, I can now say that it is. It was not perfect at first but it has gotten better.

This has given me faith in giving second chances. I have given him a second chance and he has NOT made me regret it, at all. He has proved to me that he can be the husband and father he was meant to be. And he IS a good husband and a good father. He has not disrespected me at all, even during the times I was mad at him and being unkind to him. He never treated me wrong. And I knew this was because he loved me. He loved me no matter what happened, and he never let me go.

The bottom line is this: He. Was. There. When no one else was. That’s love. And that’s what I’m feeling for this man more than ever before nowadays.

We celebrated our anniversary both yesterday and today. Today marks seven years. Here’s to seven, and many, years more!

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