Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh, no. Snow!

Last night, I was checking email before going to bed. Jennifer came out of her room to where I was near the back door and said, “It’s snowing!”

Indeed, it was snowing. And Jennifer was hoping she’d get a snow day from school today.

When I looked out the window early this morning, I started to hope so, too. But that didn’t happen. Both kids had school today.


I was NOT happy. One thing I don’t like about living in the northwest is dealing with the winter weather. Specifically, driving in the winter weather. I DO NOT like driving when there is snow, ice and sleet on the streets.

This morning, it was just snow, along with some flurries here and there.

All the same, I didn’t want to drive on a street like that! I DID NOT feel safe driving on a street like that.

I tried to talk myself into it. This was, after all, the last week of school before Winter Break. And the children did have to give their teachers their Christmas presents today. I even watched as one van drove along on the street. It went at a normal speed and seemed to be going okay.

That should’ve convinced me I could drive okay too, right? WRONG!

Instead, I waited until after sunrise to drive the kids to school. Jennifer was NOT happy to be late for school today but I told her that when she is in MY shoes, THEN she can complain! I just won’t drive unless I feel comfortable enough to drive in bad weather. If I’m too nervous to drive, I won’t do it. Plain and simple. I have to think about safety first.

Of course, I could’ve asked my husband to drive the kids to school, but he doesn’t get into bed until 4 in the morning and I didn’t think he’d be aware enough to drive in bad weather.

I did get the kids to school okay. And their teachers got their Christmas presents. No problems picking them up, either.

We’re supposed to have more snow tonight. And more snow tomorrow, too. We’ll see how much of it will be on the streets in the morning.

My nervousness about winter driving may be because I’m not used to it yet. I know, after 7 years of living in Oregon, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. But no, I am not.

When we first moved here, I was fascinated with the snow. Of course, I have lived where it snows before. But after spending over a decade living in a desert, snow was “new” to me again. It was cool, neat and fun. But now the novelty is fading – especially since now I’m driving around in it.


Millie said...

Wow I can't believe it's been 7 years already! well I am glad the kids got to school okay. :)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thank you. It's actually been a little more than 7 1/2 years since we left California. We left on Devin's birthday when Jennifer was 3. I still miss living there. California will always be in my heart.