Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jesse turns 5!

Ever since the first of October, one thought has been a constant in my mind: I can’t believe my son, Jesse, is turning 5 years old this month. Wow! How the time flies! I often see people who knew me when I was pregnant with him and often they will comment on how he has grown so fast. I can still remember holding this tiny bundle in my arms 5 years ago:

For his 5th birthday, I wanted to make this day special for my special boy. So this morning, I made Jesse a special birthday breakfast, per his request: Pancakes (not the frozen kind) and bacon. We had a “surprise party” waiting for him when he got home from preschool today. I baked him a chocolate cake just for the occasion and he had a favorite ice cream to go with it: Peppermint. (His dad also really liked the peppermint ice cream, too. It’s a big hit!)

The hat he is wearing is courtesy of his preschool. (Thanks, Kim!)

After cake and ice cream, Jesse opened his presents. He got a pirate scabbard and shield from Jennifer, as well as a SpongeBob and toy car.

For months, he’d been asking for a DreamLites. We were not able to get him one but we got him something similar: A “Twilight Turtle” that does the same thing as a DreamLites.

After he opened his presents, he and Jennifer played for a while then they watched cartoons.

In honor of Jesse’s birthday, here are five of his favorite things:

  1. Spider-man
  2. Cars
  3. Motorcycles
  4. Tools (he has a lot of play tools)
  5. The Cars movie

And here are five fun facts about Jesse:

  1. At the age of two, Jesse often clomped around the house in his daddy’s shoes.
  2. Jesse’s favorite breakfast is French toast sticks.
  3. Jesse LOVES to play Bingo! Of course, I always try to let him win.
  4. One of Jesse’s favorite TV shows is Special Agent Oso. (I’m a HUGE fan of James Bond and I think this Bond knockoff for kids is cute.)
  5. Jesse’s other favorite movies are Pinocchio, Nanny McPhee, Curious George, Stuart Little and Scooby Doo.

Happy 5th birthday, Jesse! We love you very much and hope you enjoyed your special day.

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