Saturday, October 06, 2012

Jen's Eleventh B-day!

Jennifer turned 11 years old this month. Yay! And because her birthday fell on a school day, we did the same thing this year that happened last year: Gave her two parties! On Wednesday, her official birthday, she had a family-only birthday party. It was a cupcake party. I arranged 11 cupcakes on a tray in the shape of a “J.” She thought that was cool. She also got her family presents. She’d wanted a Monster High School doll for MONTHS and I was able to get her two. She was VERY happy about that! She also got a copy of a Burly & Grum book from our friend in England, author Kate Tenbeth, and from Jesse she got a Furreal Friends pet bunny. It’s so cute! She also got a DVD movie, The Woman in Black. We both saw that movie and it’s VERY scary! From her aunt Millie, she got a Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver. She was SO excited to get that! 

Thanks, Kate!

For the birthday party with her friends, which was today, she had a Doctor Who party. (She’s a BIG Doctor Who fan!) I printed out a few pics from the 7th season shows and hung them on the wall. I also made fish fingers and custard (which was actually surprisingly good!).

The cake was the big thing. Earlier this week, when we decided it was going to be a Doctor Who party, I got online to research everything that had to do with Doctor Who parties. The fish fingers and custard were a MUST so that’s why I made those. There were several cakes: the TARDIS, Daleks and Silence. They were all very cool but Jennifer fell in love with the TARDIS cake. I kept wondering how the heck I’d get her a TARDIS cake! All the TARDIS cakes on sale were in ENGLAND! There were some people who made them at home and even though they included directions and pictures, my mind went blank over the whole thing. (I don’t MAKE cakes, I BUY cakes!) So, all week, I was trying to figure out how to get Jennifer a TARDIS cake for her party. One bakery we usually get cakes at said they couldn’t do it, but, finally, I found one who could: The baker at Albertsons. She said it was definitely doable. HOORAY! I printed out several pictures of the TARDIS and showed them to her. We went over them and the specifics of the cake. The best part was that she could have it done in 24 hours, which was a good thing since this was yesterday!

So we got a TARDIS cake for the party. WOO-HOO!!! Thank you, Albertsons. And it’s a nice cake, don’t you think?

And, of course, after eating the cake, we all had blue teeth and tongues! It was funny. 

After the food and cake, Jennifer opened the presents from her friends. She was very happy with everything. 

Then they moved on to watching movie, doing karaoke and playing games. They are all having a great time. 

It’s not so great for Jesse, though. He’s pretty much feeling left out because it’s a girls-only thing. But hubby and I are taking turns spending time with him. 

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

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