Monday, September 03, 2012

Remembering my mother

On Sunday, September 2, my children and I had a small memorial service for my mother, Carolyn Colclasure, who left this world on August 30, 2012.

The display I set up does not show the pictures well so I have included some of them below. I tried to include as many people as I could. For the purpose of privacy and this being a public blog, I did not include names, but those of you in these photos will recognize yourselves and the other family members. Also, some pictures included here were not in the display. However, I am going to place all of the pictures on a board and we're gonna write special messages to her then put that on the wall.

The card included in this display is a Mother's Day card I was going to send to my mother this year. Unfortunately, I lost the card, which I was upset about since it's such a beautiful card with a lovely sentiment. Jesse happened to find it on the same day we learned my mother passed away. So I thought it was appropriate to include it for this occasion. the poem on the card reads:

"Mom, no matter what I do or where the future takes me, I promise I'll always remember everything you've taught me, and appreciate everything you've done for me..."

On the inside of the card, it says:

"...and wish that I told you more often what I don't say often enough...

I love you, Mom."

When it was time for this occasion, the children sat on the couch and I explained what this was for and that we were going to remember their grandmother.

Jennifer read a story she wrote about an angel, Jesse shared a picture he drew of a unicorn (sorry the pic is so blurry) and I read a poem I wrote in her memory. Jennifer also talked about a picture she drew for the occasion. After that, we talked about my mother and shared memories. We also talked about how she isn't really gone; that she is a beautiful angel now who will visit us in spirit.

Then we played music -- the kind Mom liked to listen to. Elvis and assorted songs from the 50s. The kids danced and I could've sworn my mom, who now had both of her legs back, was probably in that room, dancing right along with them to her favorite songs.

And speaking of songs, all day long I had songs like "Peace in the Valley," "You Needed Me" (an Anne Murray song my mother loved) and "I'll Fly Away" in my head, just playing over and over.

It was a special time for us and having this little memorial for her really helped us through our grief.

Rest in peace, Mom. We love you very much.

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