Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beam me up, Scotty! (Just leave behind the mouse.)

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Ah, technology. Love it or hate it. Sometimes I love it, like when it allows me to stay connected with people or to read about stuff I couldn’t otherwise be privy to. And sometimes I hate it, like when “that darn Shift key” gets stuck and I have to go back to add a capital letter somewhere – or the mouse button stops working!

Recently, I have noticed that the right mouse button has not been working very well. I usually right-click on links to open them in another tab (like for the MANY science articles I like to read!) or right-click on a PDF link to save an ebook onto the hard drive. But lately, that has not been going so well. The right mouse button has been stuck and I have had to really PRESS on that darn thing to get it to work!

After I noticed this was happening a lot, I realized this was a mouse-button problem and not so much a temporary thing. It wasn’t me being a real weakling in pressing the mouse button, either.

In fact, I think that hubby has noticed this problem, too. I never mentioned it to him but it seems that he, too, has caught on that the mouse button was being so darn stubborn because he recently went out and bought a new mouse.

So the problem has been resolved without either of us having to say anything about it. I kept reminding myself to mention this problem to him but never got around to doing that. Now I don’t need to worry about saying anything because he noticed that problem too and took action.

As to the tech woes? If I have problems with the Shift key, I usually cry out “That darn Shift key!” and go back to correct mistakes, all the while muttering expletives under my breath. (Or sometimes I don’t catch the mistakes before an email gets away from me. Yikes!) And, usually, about the only other thing I have done with the mouse is imitate Scotty by holding it up and saying into the back of it, “Helloooo, computerrrr.” The kids have had a good laugh over this and even did the same thing a time or two. Good thing they never saw me scream my head off at the mouse, yank it out of the computer and angrily bang it against the desk a hundred thousand times after that darn button once again didn’t work. Because I was sure tempted to do that after having to deal with that problem for so long!

The mouse has been spared, though – and replaced. Peace is once again restored in our home.

Now if only something could be done about that darn Shift key.......


Jana B said...

LOL I feel your pain. I have a horrible habit of reading at my computer, so my keys stick a lot.

Oh crap, as I typed this I just realized that I left the USB for my wireless mouse in the loaner computer when I turned it back in yesterday. CRAP. *sigh* My hubby will be verrrrrrry unhappy if I don't find that, since we just bought it two weeks ago.

Dawn Colclasure said...

I hope you were able to get it back. And glad to see you got your computer back! :)