Sunday, March 06, 2011

No more "Selfish Saturday"

Some time ago, I posted about “Selfish Saturdays.” I created this because I REALLY needed to find some way to take a break from everything and have some “me time.” So Saturdays became my day to just get out and spend an hour or so enjoying a meal, having a coffee, reading or just exploring Eugene. Hubby and I took turns enjoying this chance to have some time for ourselves; after I got home, he’d go out to the bookstore or…wherever.

However, lately I have realized that I don’t need “Selfish Saturday” anymore. Now that both of the kids are in school (with Jesse in school for 4 days of the week), I can have that time for myself more often than on just one day. In fact, I can enjoy a movie or take a long hot bath on any of those four days. I don’t have to leave the house anymore for that coveted “me time”! Sure, I create some “me time” in the mornings by getting up before the kids, but there are morning rituals there, and only so much time to enjoy that. By enjoying the “me time” while the kids are in school, I can enjoy it for much longer.

Of course, this can’t happen when the kids are sick or there’s no school. But to have at least one day to enjoy that time alone is better than none at all.

Also, I get my Saturdays back, which I am now using to “prepare for the week ahead” like I normally do on Sundays. Like yesterday, I did a ton of laundry, cleaned out my bedroom closet, put a bunch of stuff into storage bins and got things organized. I got the kids’ backpacks ready for Monday and checked on the lunch arrangement, just in case I didn’t have a lunch for Jennifer to take to school. Now we all relax on Sundays before the busy week starts.

I don’t miss “Selfish Saturdays.” I’m glad to be able to enjoy time with the kids on Saturdays again, because we don’t have much of that during the week, and now I get more done on the weekends. Now I look forward to having “me time” again while the kids are in school. Unfortunately, the new writing gig I have has me working like crazy while the kids are in school, but I still make sure I squeeze in some time to relax or watch that movie.

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