Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bloody waffles, anyone?

I know, “bloody waffles” sounds like something you’d see on a menu for a Halloween feast or in some kind of vampire novel. But that’s actually what Jennifer almost ate for breakfast this morning.

Well, sort of.

As I was getting the kids their breakfast this morning, I clumsily got my finger nicked by a frozen waffle, which I was about to pop into the toaster for Jennifer. I know, how dumb is it that somebody could actually get their finger nicked by a frozen waffle?? Nicked so badly that it would bleed?

But that’s exactly what happened to me. The evil waffle nicked my finger. To my shock, it started bleeding. BAD.

But I had no time to sit around and wait for the bleeding to stop. So as I tried to keep my finger wrapped in a paper towel to slow the oozing blood, I continued with preparing breakfast. This would probably gross somebody out, of course, but I was careful NOT to get any blood on the kids’ food. After all, my finger was wrapped with a paper towel!

I tried to be nonchalant about the injury but of course Jesse spotted my finger all wrapped up and became concerned. He wanted to know what happened. I explained the situation and unwrapped my finger to show him the bloody spot where I got nicked. When Jennifer saw it, she almost freaked. I assured her I was going to stop the bleeding.

Still, she became concerned about why I’d gone ahead and made them breakfast while my finger was bleeding – especially since the kind of waffles I served her were strawberry. With red spots all over them.

She took one look at those waffles and got upset with me. She thought I’d dripped blood all over her food!

After I finished laughing so hard I almost bust a gut, I explained to her they were STRAWBERRY waffles, and all those red dots were the strawberries.

Even as she, too, laughed over the mix-up, she decided she didn’t want the waffles and opted for a bowl of cereal instead. I was too busy trying to stifle extra laughter to be upset over the wasted food.

I guess the thought of eating bloody waffles grossed her out too much to eat something that looked too much like them.

As I drove the kids to school, I started to think about what I would eat for breakfast after I got home. I almost laughed when remembering the “bloody” waffles left in the freezer, but then I “grred” over that darn waffle nicking my finger so bad that it started to bleed.

Eat the bloody waffles myself? No, thanks. Those things are DANGEROUS!

I tossed those evil waffles into the garbage instead.

And from now on, I'll stick to BLUEBERRY!


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, I recommend Cinnamon Toast waffles, you know they break into 4 tiny waffles? Those. Yum! And they are very very docile waffles, LOL

Dawn Colclasure said...

LOL Thanks, Nancy. :) I will try them.