Monday, April 26, 2010

New house, new worries

Recently, we moved into a new house. We're still in Eugene, just not in West Eugene like before. I had a hard time grasping that we were finally moving out of the house on West 11th. It felt like we were going to be there forever! Even though I knew it was only a "transitional home" for us when me and my daughter moved there after my divorce. Well, the change I wanted for us wasn't the change I'd hoped for, but we definitely have moved on past that and taking the next step of having a more "family home" was long overdue. And it finally happened. I'm still amazed it finally happened but really enjoying our new home. Which I hope we will stay in for a VERY. LONG. TIME. Seriously, I'd forgotten how physically exhausting it is to move into a new home! There were days I was too sore to move after carrying boxes and furniture around. Ugh. Well, the plan is, if we move again, we're going to get a farm. We want horses and chickens and a cow and even pigs! But for now, we're staying put right here.

The new house has hardwood floors, which is something we have wanted for some time. My back is getting acquainted with the agonies of sweeping lots of floors again (as a teen, my parents lived in a house with very little carpet, and my back would HURT from sweeping all of those floors.) I am also learning how to properly care for the floors BUT I am not yet liking the idea of not wearing my shoes. Granted, I know I shouldn't, since my shoes are very old and messed up and they'll scuff the floors if I'm not careful, but I can't afford new shoes right now so hubby has been irritated I don't want to wear my slippers instead. Well, wouldn't you know it; the Great Shoe Debate has once again reared its ugly head. I don't like going barefoot because I don't want my feet to get dirty. I don't like only wearing socks because they, too, get dirty (I wear only white socks) and even wet. I don't like wearing slippers; I prefer SHOES. I'm just one of those people who likes to be READY to jump up and head out the door. Not stop to put on my shoes first. YUCK! When I get new shoes, I'm going to get two pairs, because I am going to start walking/running again since we're in a good area for it and I won't want to wear my running shoes on the nice floors after a run. I'll have house shoes for the house and running shoes for the outdoorsy stuff.

Still, I do really like the new house. It is bigger and brighter. And I don't have to carry a basket of fresh dried laundry through the rain anymore; the washer AND dryer are both in the adjoining garage, instead of one inside the house and the other in a storage room out in the backyard, like at the old house. Also, yes! We have a GARAGE! It's good because we have a safe place to store things (my friend's son had a bicycle stolen from my car port when he had left it there) and even keep our cars in it. No more walking out to a busy street with little kids to get them into the car!

Oh, that's another thing. We don't live on a busy street anymore. Hooray!! Granted, I did enjoy watching the traffic drive by from my front porch, but I was too nervous to let the kids play out front with all that busy traffic. Now Jennifer plays out front all the time (and sometimes, Jesse, when he is supervised).

Another thing that's changed? Jennifer is riding the bus to school now. Hooray! She is thrilled about this. She had been begging me and begging me to ride the bus to school before. But I always figured that, since her school was only 5 minutes away, there was no reason to take the bus. Now we live a little further from her school (thank God she doesn't have to transfer to another school! In Oregon, you're allowed to attend any school you'd like even if you don't live in that school district) so now she rides the bus. A bigger bonus is that now she's eager to get up for school in the mornings, get ready, eat breakfast and get going to catch her bus. She has not been late for any one day since she started riding the bus. AWESOME! If I had known that riding the bus meant Jennifer would be more eager to get ready for school in the mornings and get out the door, I would have signed her up for that a looong time ago. Thankfully, finally, our mornings are more drama-free.

The kids now each have their own room. Jennifer is ecstatic about that and Jesse is figuring out how a whole room is actually "his." Also, we have a bigger backyard now. Yay! Big enough for the kids to finally have a swingset. When we lived in California, Jennifer had a swingset in our front yard, but we had to leave it behind (with other things we could not bring). Then we didn't have a yard big enough for a new one. Now we do! That along with other stuff, like lawn furniture. We just need to get the yard cleaned up and fixed nice and purty, fix a part of the fence, then we can get the swingset and other things we plan to have in our backyard.

And because part of our fence in the backyard is broken, I can't let Jesse out there alone. In fact, I try to keep him as far away from that area of the yard as possible, which isn't so hard given that he likes to play around the shed, anyway. This big backyard is awesome for him; he gets to practice kicking and throwing a ball, running (though he has fallen down quite a bit) and just exercising his flexibility in walking up and down the path to the shed.

The neighbors here are REALLY nice. Everybody came out to meet us and welcome us to the neighborhood. This is also different from when we lived on West 11th. When I moved there with Jennifer, I had to walk over and meet my neighbors. But, even so, they were awesome neighbors. I will miss not being able to say "hi" to Darrell, Heather, Lilly, Tobby, Mark and Carol. But at least I will see them some of the time and I do stay in touch with some of them via e-mail. Also, my old landlord's business is not far from here. In fact, the kids and I walked over there yesterday.

We also live just 5 minutes from a park. Yay! Before, we had to walk 20-30 minutes to the park, but now we're just a hop, skip and a jump from it. Jen goes there a lot. She has made lots of new friends in this neighborhood (including finding out that a boy at her school, who no longer attends the school, lives nearby), so she's there Monday through Friday riding bikes, playing on the swings or shooting hoops. We went there yesterday, too, and both of the kids had such fun playing there.

All the same, I do have new worries to deal with. Jesse is able to unlock both the front door and the door in the kitchen leading to the garage, so we have to get safety locks for them. Also, I have learned, the hard way, to only run the dishwasher when the baby is sleeping. Otherwise, he fools around with the dials and messes up the wash cycle! Also, he gets into the fridge, so we have to keep an eye out for that. (He once took a jug of lemonade with him into Jennifer's room, sat down and started drinking from it in there. We don't allow food or drinks in the bedrooms so I have to bring him back to the kitchen to either pour something into a sippy cup and sit him at the table or put something, like a cookie, onto a plate for him.) I also discovered that the BEST TIME to sweep is also during the baby's naps or after he has gone to bed. It is impossible to sweep the floors and keep him from getting into everything or running out into the garage at the same time. Hubby does sweep, too, so there is that if I can't get around to it.

My time available for the computer has greatly decreased because of said worries. As I type this, the baby is napping. I grab time for writing, blogging, phone calls, checking E-mail and reading E-books to write reviews for whenever possible. I may not be online as much as before, but I'll still be here. Ultimately, meeting my deadlines come first (for SIGNews, my book contracts and turning in book reviews), but if I have some free time to check in with friends and family, or even send out a tweet, then it'll happen.


Millie said...

Wow! Allison and I are both very happy for you guys. I read this to Allison, she said that you should get a swiffer for the floors - they are faster and easier than a broom. Anyway I am glad you are so happy about your new house. Reading all this made me excited to come see it! lol! Anyway speaking of your books I know someone who was asking about your haunted places book cause she knows someone she wants to buy it for. I couldn't remember the release date though :( Anyway! Congratulations on your new place!

angel said...

wow Dawn your new place sounds great! Im happy for you

Anonymous said...

Hurray for a new house! Sounds great! All that worrisome stuff will get figured out.
The shoes, LOL its always something. Where do you need to go that requires your shoes to always be on? What if you got some tennis shoes which are slip ons? I have those and their great, on and off in half a second. I got mine at Sears. Also of course sandals in the summer. I personally prefer that people take off their shoes at home because people track dirt and mud in and then I have to clean it. And the idea that everything out on the road and streets is now being tracked into my house feels, unhygenic. So that might be how your hubby feels about it. You might compromise on this like I have with my hubby. He can walk in and go down the hall in his shoes or boots, but he cant come in to the living room or kitchen because these are areas that are harder to clean.
In my experience, its whatever the wife says, goes, so dont worry, you shall prevail I am sure! :-)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Millie: Thank you. :) It's interesting that you mention the Swifter. I actually used it a couple of times and after I did, the floor felt weird. Jason got this weird big white "mop" thing for the floor and he uses a special "hardwood floor" cleaner on it. Works pretty well but he said he's going to get a duster mop. Even with sweeping the floors, I have missed a couple of specks. Argh! And you guys better come out here and see the new place. Are we still set for a summer visit? I should have the fence fixed and the yard cleaned up by then. Do you mean my book on haunted cities? I haven't told you the release date yet because it's a surprise. ;) I'll email you. I can't believe it will be out soon! I'm SOOO excited! I'm really proud of this book. I worked so hard on it and it's got good stuff in it.

Angel: Thank you! :) I appreciate the comment.

Nancy: Thank you. :) I sometimes will wear just my socks or even go barefoot, but usually when I have spent the day running around outside and want to stay inside and rest my feet or if I want to relax or if I just woke up. But it has to be something I normally do. It's really frustrating being told "take your shoes off" when I WANT to wear them. I will look for those tennis shoes. I know what you mean about tracking mud and muck inside. Living where it rains so much, there are times I DO have to take off my shoes after I come in from the rain.