Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here is wisdom

I went to the dentist today. I need to have THREE teeth pulled. Ugh. Two of them are wisdom teeth (I still have 3 wisdom teeth left) and the other one is some rogue tooth that has merged into one of the wisdom teeth that's going to be extracted. The dentist informed me that this is probably why I have been having so much pain in that area lately.

A tooth MERGED INTO one of my teeth? Seriously?? Yikes. The more I thought on that, the more it made my skin crawl. Yuck.

Well, I'll be glad to get rid of them. The dental surgery has been scheduled towards the end of the month. They did suggest the week before Valentine's Day, but with my big promotional plans for my book scheduled for Valentine's Day weekend, I told them I'd rather have it done long before then. I was tempted to start talking about my forthcoming book but decided to save all that chatter for the next time I'll be in there. Heh.

I had to take Jennifer with me since my appointment was shortly after her early release from school. She kinda freaked about having teeth pulled, even wisdom teeth. I tried to explain to her that everybody has to have their wisdom teeth pulled but that she doesn't have to worry about it until much, much later. She still got antsy about this prospect of having the teeth pulled. I kept answering her question of "does it hurt?" with no, it doesn't hurt at all. I was more weirded out by how the dentist had to practically climb up on the chair to pull the teeth out! He REALLY had to put some muscle into it! (Dentistry is not for the weakling. LOL) I explained that most of the discomfort comes after the surgery, when the Novocaine had me all woozy and out of it. But, no, it doesn't hurt to have the teeth pulled.

The medical assistant also talked with her about the procedure and answered her questions. The thing about Jennifer is that she can be a real chatterbox. Once she gets curious about something, she runs off a thousand questions. (She's like me with that! LOL Is it any surprise, then, that I have done newspaper reporting??) I was grateful the M.A. was so patient with her and didn't seem to mind answering her questions.

After the appointment, we went to Sweet Life for a treat. Then we hit the 7-11 and went home. At home, she once again started asking about wisdom teeth, and I kept once again assuring her that it doesn't hurt when the teeth are pulled. But I have a feeling that, when it's her turn, she'll have new questions about the whole process. Call it a hunch.


Nancy said...

well it IS possible she wont need them pulled, I have ALL my wisdom teeth. They came in straight and never have given me a problem. Its only when they become decayed or if they come in crooked or impacted that they pull them out.

Whenever I get a new dentist though, they are surprised and amazed that I still have them! Ha ha I am unusual I guess.

Glad you weren't in pain though!!! Yay for novacaine!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Hey, Nancy! Wow, that is so cool. Hooray! I didn't know you don't NEED to have your wisdom teeth pulled. I was told that EVERYBODY has their wisdom teeth pulled! Huh, that's interesting. Well, I hope Jen doesn't have to go through that. Besides me making sure she takes good care of her teeth, she's REALLY taken her dental care to the next level ever since I've gone through this wisdom-teeth-removal stuff. LOL