Thursday, July 13, 2017

Touch-A-Truck 2017

Today was the Touch-A-Truck show. This is a free public event in which people get to see, climb inside of and basically "touch" trucks they don't usually get access to. The trash truck, mail truck and fire engine are popular mainstays but this year they also included the police SWAT truck as well as a major police riot vehicle. Trevor was too tired from work to go so I just took Jesse. He was mainly interested in the police and military vehicles. He also could not stay away from the big Pepsi truck. He kept going back to that one! He also got to meet Officer Rob Griesel and the K9 Blek.

Here are the pictures that I took.

Unknown truck.

 Pepsi truck.


"10-4, good buddy."

Logging vehicle.

Police SWAT vehicle.

Meeting Officer Griesel and K9 Blek.
Another police vehicle (not sure what it's called).

Eugene recreational bus.

Mail van.

Trash truck.

Military vehicle.

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