Thursday, June 22, 2017

My kids' last day of school

Today was my kids’ last day of school. They got out of school late this year because we had so many snow days and ice days in the winter.  Trevor was a tiny bit concerned about the late release from school because, technically, hir first job started a week ago. But, fortunately, hir boss was very understanding so ze’ll start tomorrow.

Before this week, I was aware that Jesse’s last day would have a different schedule. Mainly, he would get out of school early. On this particular last day of the year, it was a different “early release” time (one year, it was 10:30), so I made a note of this on my phone calendar.

With Trevor, however, I was not sure what the schedule was. The school sends out a weekly newsletter every Friday, and they usually do alert the families if there are schedule changes. But I was not entirely clear about the schedule change for Trev’s last day of school. I knew that all students at the school had finals on the last two days of school, but I did not get info about a different schedule. So I just assumed it was regular hours!

Well, this was true for Wednesday. The students all had regular hours for finals. But today’s schedule was different. I was informed of this when I asked Trev about it last week and was told the last day’s schedule would be different. I made a note to check the latest school newsletter that I had received as well as the school calendar that is on their website.

When I finally did get around to digging up the latest school newsletter (I save them all for just such a situation!), I was dismayed to see that it didn’t exactly give the schedule for Thursday. Nuts! So I went to the school website to look for their calendar. Thankfully, the schedule for today was on there and I copied it then sent it to Trevor yesterday, asking if this was the schedule ze would need to follow. I did say in that email to get back to me “ASAP” so that I could plan my morning schedule accordingly.

But Trevor forgot to answer the email yesterday. So when I checked my email in the early hours of this morning, I was frustrated not to have that information. And Trev didn’t say anything about it in the note that was left for me about breakfast/lunch.

I was really upset about this. I started fuming and wondering WHY I even went to the trouble of sending the damn email if Trev thinks it’s not important enough to answer. I did remind Trevor about it twice before I went to bed last night.

Anyway, I finally got the info from Trevor when I was busy getting Jesse ready for school. And, because I got so upset over the unanswered email, THEN Trevor took the time to answer it! But I was so mad, I didn’t bother to read it. Since Trev wanted to tell me in person, I decided, Trevor will tell me in person. So I ASKED Trevor in person about the changed schedule. Surprise! I got an answer! (This is not the only time this has happened. My husband has also either forgotten about emails I have sent him or he ignores them. Pretty much why I feel like I shouldn’t even bother with those anymore, either.)

So, yeah. I got both of the kids at their schools at the time they needed to be there. And since Jesse was having a field day today, and was going to be outside all morning, I made sure he put on sunscreen before we left. And when I dropped Jesse off at his school, I went into the office to pick up his meds from the nurse’s office. The office was really busy, though, so I had to wait to be seen. I was sure glad Trevor started school later this morning, because I had to wait a while! After I got the meds, I said goodbye to the office staff, thanked them for everything, and wished them all a happy summer before I left.

Then I had to take care of things with Trevor. Since it was a late start this morning, I grabbed the opportunity to take a shower. (The new schedule calls for my shower to be at 11 instead of at 6 a.m., which it was before! I get up at 4 now and since I have to wake Trev up at 4:30 and leave at 5:15, there’s no time for me to grab a shower! But I MIGHT volunteer this summer and, if so, that time will be moved earlier.) After that, I made Trev’s lunch, and I was feeling kinda sad about it. This would be the last time I make Trevor lunch for school for a while! It might be hard getting used to that no longer being a part of my weekday morning routine for a while.

So I got Trevor to school. On the way there, Trevor let me know ze had forgotten a textbook, so I said I’d bring it and Trev let me know when it would be a good time to do that. It was shortly after Jesse’s release from school. So I got Trev to school then I went to grab some breakfast on the way home. Shortly after I finally had my breakfast and took my allergy medicine AND my antibiotics (for my throat infection), I had to leave again to get Jesse. But then I realized I’d forgotten the textbook. Ugh! I picked up Jesse, took him home, made him lunch, grabbed the textbook and headed out the door again. I took Trev the textbook. While I was there, I asked about what time Trev gets out today and Trev checked the schedule and said “2.”  But when I got there later at 1:50 and hung out in the library, reading a couple of pages in a book, I noticed not much was going on at 2. I decided to check the hallway. On my way out of the library, I double-checked to make sure there weren’t any unpaid fines or dues that needed to be taken care of and was told it was all clear.

Back in the hallway, I texted Trev to let hir know I was there. But I didn’t get an answer. I started walking around and I noticed there were not a lot of students coming out of their classrooms. Was school still in session? I double-checked the schedule, read Trev’s email (there wasn’t a note about any changes), and was confused. The schedule said 2:20 but Trev said 2. Did Trev just need more time? Or were all students to stay in classrooms until the bell rang at 2:20?

Whatever it was, I decided to just hang out and wait. So I walked among the halls of the school. It’s a big school! I checked out the athletic department and read all the names of Track & Field events and some of the names of students who won those events and I checked out the trophies and other awards. Wow, this school had an awesome assortment of gifted athletes! I was impressed.

So I walked around some more until it was 2:20. Then I hung around near the freshmen’s locker, waiting for Trevor. But Trevor texted me that ze was at the main office so I headed over there. Once I told Trev where I had been, I was informed that the students can’t use their lockers today. All of them were cleared out and not accessible to students. Oh well!

So we left the high school and I drove Trev home. On the way, I patted Trev on the back and congratulated hir on making it through the first year of high school in one piece. Yay! Freshman year is over with! Woo-hoo! And with straight “A’s” too. I am very proud of my teen.

I am happy both of my kids had good last days of school. Our summer is going to be a little bit different this year – no late-night movies every night and going to bed when it's not very dark out – but it’s only for THIS summer. We have LOTS of activities and classes planned and we look forward to it still being a great and fun summer all the same.

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