Friday, December 02, 2016

Funny things from today

Too often, a bunch of stuff that tries our patience can happen in one day. Then there are the days when a bunch of crazy stuff happens, or when it’s like nothing seems to be going right at all. Been there, on all counts!

But sometimes, funny stuff can happen every once in a while. Today, I had a few funny things come up, just in one day!

It started when I was picking Jesse up from the bus at the bus stop. After he and the other kids got off, they all stood on the corner, doing jumping jacks. I stared at them in confusion. What were they doing THAT for?? I noticed they were all looking at the bus driver and when I looked at her, she was smiling and giving them a thumbs up. When she was gone and they were done doing jumping jacks, I asked Jesse what that was about. He said that the bus driver had told them they could do jumping jacks after they got off the bus. I laughed and asked him, “Why did she say that? Were you guys trying to do jumping jacks on the bus?”

He said no, shrugged and shook his head as he ran off to the van.

The next funny thing that happened was at the store later on. Jesse was with me. I was getting some groceries for the weekend. After we were done  getting food, I stood in the lobby with Jesse as he was getting a gumball from a machine. Then I noticed there was a young boy standing behind me (he looked about 10 or 11). I observed that he was just standing there, staring down at a tablet that he was playing a game on. I thought, Why is this kid standing behind me? I thought to ask him if he wanted something but had a feeling not to say anything. I then realized I was standing in front of the claw machine for toys and I thought maybe he was waiting to use the machine so I moved up a little to give him room to use it. But he moved up a little right along with me! I was standing there, trying to figure this out, then noticed a man stood a ways off to my left, waving his arm in our direction and saying something. I watched the boy look up and realize who he was standing behind and run off to join the man. The man was wearing the same colored jacket and jeans that I was wearing.

Apparently, the kid must’ve thought he was still behind the person he was supposed to be behind! LOL Whoops!

Well, today Jesse received an invitation to a friend’s birthday party. I finally got around to texting them to let them know we would be there. Thing of it was, Jesse had entered their number on my phone, and I didn’t double-check the area code before I sent the text! When I realized my mistake, I laughed and wondered aloud, “Did I just text Japan?” I showed it to Jen and she laughingly grinned then nodded. I did send the text to the right number though, but I kept wondering who I had accidentally sent the text message to. (I just looked up the area code and, fortunately, it was not a Japan number! It’s actually a number in Ohio. Um….oops!)

Also today, while I was doing laundry, I was removing yet another load of clothes from the dryer when I noticed one of them kinda stuck. I shrugged it off, thinking a shirt sleeve was under the rotor, then more carefully removed the clothes, moving everything out from under the rotor. That worked fine until I noticed a long stretch of cloth hanging from a clothing that turned out to be a towel! Apparently, the washing machine tried to tear off a part of the towel. I stood there holding it, asking, “What the heck?” I think it might’ve gotten stuck in the rotor somehow and tore during the wash cycle. That was crazy! Our washing machine is tearing up laundry? Really??

Here is a pic of the top part of that towel (after it went through the dryer):

Well, after that excitement, I was busy putting away the folded beach towels in the closet when I noticed something off. I am very particular with how these towels are folded and put away. I want the lines on them to show and I want them in the same order. One towel didn't have the lines on it showing so of course I had to unfold the towel then refold it to where the lines were showing and I put it back in the correct order so that the lines were the same as the ones on the towel underneath it. And when I was putting it back on that towel, I joked, “Laces out!”

Also today: While I was writing one scene in my short story, Jesse was reading over my shoulder as I typed. (I had been working on the short story earlier in the day while he was at school but I wanted to finish it today so I was working on it again after he was home.) As he often does, he took over the writing and typed something funny in the story. Here is what he typed (his words start with “Olive fought the man”):

Finally, the day ended on a sad note. There was leftover biscuit dough from dinner this evening so I thought to make some biscuits with it so we could eat them tomorrow. But what I hadn’t planned on doing was putting them into the oven then going to the desk to get back to writing my short story. I got so caught up with the writing and finishing my short story that I forgot all about the biscuits! This is how they looked when I finally remembered them and got them out of the oven:

Sigh. You know you’re a writer when your food gets burned because you forgot all about it while you were busy writing.

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