Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last days

When I picked Jesse up from school today, on his LAST day of school, I patted him on the shoulder and said, “You did it. You survived second grade.” That praise was pretty much important to him, because he’s had quite a lot going on this year at school. There were even times the possibility of transferring him to another school came up. But, my son comes from a long line of survivors. He’s got survivor blood in him! In the end, he didn’t back down and he didn’t give up. Despite the challenges, bullies and misunderstandings he endured in second grade, he made it til the very end.

Later in the day, it was my daughter, Jennifer’s, turn to get a pat on the shoulder. To her I said: “You did it! You survived Junior High!”

That’s right. Today was her 8th grade graduation. Her very last day as a middle school student!

Unfortunately, earlier this week, there was a scheduling conflict. Jesse’s baseball team had their team pictures today, around the time of the graduation ceremony! I tried to see if a change could be made but it could not. What they could do is schedule the pictures of Jesse for another day, but he wouldn’t be in the team picture. I thought he’d feel bad if he was left out of the team picture, so my husband and I discussed options. In the end, he took Jennifer to her graduation and I took Jesse to his team pictures.

We ended up getting to the ceremony about 40 minutes late. Jennifer was one of three students giving a speech and try as I might to get there quickly, we missed her speech. Jesse was so upset about missing this that he cried. But my husband had recorded it so at least we have that.

So Jennifer graduated from Junior High tonight. I am so proud of her! She has certainly had a lot of ups and downs during her middle school years. So many milestones and major events. So many changes and memories. I am sure it will last her a lifetime. I hope she’ll be able to keep in touch with her middle school friends as she moves on into high school.

Congratulations, Jennifer! We are very proud of you and wish you the best in high school. Keep on being the awesome you that you are!

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