Sunday, January 03, 2016

Two disappointments

Had to deal with a couple of disappointing things yesterday. It’s no biggie; just another disappointment popping up in life. Life is FULL of them. I was upset about them at first, but thems the breaks. I will just keep doing my own thing.

The first one was when I got information about this experiment I’m doing. I found out that I won’t achieve the desired affect I was hoping for. Bummer. It would have been nice if I do, but can’t have everything. I am not particularly sure if I want to stick with it now. Been turning that over a lot in my head all day. I know I certainly don’t want to go back to my old drinking habits. So maybe I will allow an occasional beer or glass of wine here or there. But that’s it. Just one. In my research, I learned that more than 12 ounces in one go is dangerous to the immune system. So I’ll make sure to limit it.

The second disappointment was from the gig I was hoping for. Turns out I would have to pay money upfront. I’m not interested in that. I need something that will bring in extra income, and not take any of it out. Oh, well. Back to the job hunt!

Both of these things were nice ideas and it did bother me that they won’t work out. But that’s the way it is in life. Things don’t work out the way we want them to. The way we hope they will. I’m cool with it. You know? I can roll with the punches in life. Just gonna keep on keepin’ on!

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