Monday, September 07, 2015

Back to (the) school schedule

Last week, I started the kids on their “school schedule.” This meant they now had a bedtime and they now had a wake-up time, too. And even though they didn’t really have to go anywhere, I made sure they were dressed at certain times, fed at certain times and “ready to go” by certain times. That first week was pretty bumpy and of course not without complaint (we all kind of enjoyed NOT having a bedtime during summer vacation). But we got through it with not too shady of a result. It was also hard for me because I was SO used to sleeping in (many times during the summer, I wasn’t in bed until 3 a.m. Yeah, we’re a bunch of night owls!). And even one time, I gave the alarm clock the finger because I DID NOT want to get up so early.

But Week 1 went over okay. And now we’re in Week 2, in which it’s the real deal because school starts this week. Jesse goes back to school on one day and Jennifer goes back the next.

I also have a change in my everyday routines. In order to get the most out of my day while the kids are in school, I prioritized my tasks and made a “schedule” for things to do at certain times. As of today, I got most of the things done during designated times. But as with all schedules, “times are approximate.”

This week is gonna be busy in the next few days with meetings, orientation and getting everything set up and squared away. But I’m actually looking forward to getting back on track with the routine and getting things done. The kids aren’t happy about going back to school and I’ll miss not having a bedtime myself, but we got as much fun and “lazy days” out of our summer while it was summer and now it’s time to get busy again. Now it’s time to get ready for textbooks, homework, assignments, lunch boxes and school activities. Today has gone by well and I hope the kids have a better adjustment by the time their First Day gets here.

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