Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The case of the violin lessons

So there I was sitting at the desk, minding my own business and just passing the time. Then my daughter shows up with a request. On the face of it, the request seemed pretty normal: Jennifer wanted violin lessons. Sure I was surprised, but hey, what can ya do in this crazy world when everywhere you go there’s some surprise or another just waiting for you right around the corner? Still, I pondered the request. Violin lessons? Seems pretty normal. But why violin lessons, right out of the blue? Why now? And was this her way of taking after her idol, Sherlock Holmes? Never mind that she’s tried to practice the very same deduction skills so brilliantly implemented by Mr. Holmes, or the fact that she is slowly collecting the very same clothing that he wears. Even so, who better than to take after than the world’s most brilliant consulting detective? As long as she stayed off the drugs, I reasoned, I’d be fine with it. To that end, I decided that the violin lessons were a go. I would help her to start receiving them.

Next came the task of finding somewhere for her to take violin lessons. Being a part of a neighborhood watchgroup affords me the opportunity of sending out a request to the group for information of where violin lessons can be obtained. I deep-sixed the idea, though, after recalling my failed attempts to reach out to the group for another non-emergency service. That’s when Google knocked on my door. There entered Google, looking as smart as ever with eyes sharp as a hawk. The tone of voice was friendly and his offer to help me find local violin lessons seemed pretty darn persuasive. What the heck, I thought. What have I got to lose? So I paired up with Google on a hunt to find local violin lessons. One stop turned out to be a bust, as I soon came across negative reviews of one service that sent up a lot of red flags. Then Google introduced me to some dame innocently browsing the superhighway. She had all the right moves and knew the right words to say. Google seemed to be more certain about this one, so I did a background check before going any further. Turned out to all be legit. I phoned her the next day and we got to talking about these lessons that she provides. No song and dance here; she was straightforward and to the point. I have to admit, I was sold. It didn’t hurt that the price was right. We set up a day and time to meet and I penciled it into my schedule.

You would think that getting off on the right foot meant easy going all the way. Everything was fine until the day came for me to actually drive to the location where we agreed to meet. There were handy directions that helped me find my way, but some bozo sidetracked me and pretty soon I was lost. Next came the terrifying feeling of treading unknown territory. I was a stranger in a strange land.

Then help finally came to me as a Good Samaritan looked over my directions then pointed out where I had to go. His directions were easy enough and soon I was back on track. All this trouble just to get my girl to her violin lessons.

Finally, we arrived. Nice neighborhood. Suburban-type homes complete with a little kiddie slide in one yard and a basketball hoop in another. Families lived here. Real families.

I kept my cool. No sense in losing it when you’re in unfamiliar turf.

We walked up to the door and knocked. The dame greeted us with a smile and an aura of cheerfulness. We waited in her living room, sitting on her overstuffed couches, while she finished the lesson she was providing to some other odd soul. Then it was my daughter’s turn. I was invited to sit in an armchair decorated with a stuffed owl and a stuffed Grumpy Cat as Jennifer first learned how to hold a violin, understand the notes on a violin, write notes, etc. Arrangements were made for her to rent a violin until she procured her very own. 

Next came the paperwork. Nobody likes paperwork but it’s part of the job. I asked a few questions as I filled everything out and the next thing I knew, Jennifer was officially signed up for violin lessons. Her next lesson is next week – same day and time.

We left the place feeling that today was a good day. We accomplished what we set out to do. Got the job done. Now it was time to head home and call it a day.


Michelle John said...

Love the tone. Very fun. I hope Jennifer enjoys her lessons!

Michelle John said...

How cute! What a fun tone this story took. Thanks for sharing your adventures in noir with us.

Dawn Wilson said...

And thanks for reading! :) I'm glad I was able to accomplish that kind of writing style. It's not one that I have tried my hand at before. I just wanted to make this blog post a little more interesting to read instead of saying "Jennifer wanted violin lessons, I was surprised by her request, this is what I did to find the lessons and this is what happened when I tried to get there." Funny how it all worked out to be like a story. This was written like a fictional story except it is all true. This post was fun to write.

Night Moon Shade said...


Yes, Sherlock did have a thing to do with it but I've always wanted piano lessons. Since I figured those would be harder to find, and I couldn't practice as home, I settled for something just as classy, beautiful and easy- the violin. It's my second favorite instrument.

Also what do you mean Sherlock clothing? I have a Sherlock t-shirt.... But that's all I can think of?

Dawn Wilson said...

Thanks for commenting! And thanks for clarifying about the clothes. :) The violin IS a beautiful instrument.