Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The second Meet & Greet

Today was Jennifer’s Meet & Greet at her middle school. I had no idea what to expect when we got there but I definitely was not expecting such an insanely long line. Gah! I thought that all the parents would just walk on through the building and go to the tables they had to go to. But the school administrators had the foresight to line people up and have so many go through the gym at a time – I guess to avoid chaos and prevent the parents from being confused on where to go next. So we stood in line for like 20 minutes. Jen passed the time playing a game on my phone and I kept Jesse preoccupied by playing some kind of hand-grab game that we made up. Jen complained he was laughing too loud from the game but I told her as long as he wasn’t running around or bothering anybody, I wasn’t going to stop him!

So we finally reached the assembly room where all the tables were arranged for parents to go to to take care of everything. Once we were inside, Jesse asked if he could sit on the bleachers and I told him that was fine. I am grateful he likes sitting on the bleachers (they are pull-out benches) because I was soon busy talking to A LOT of people at a lot of tables. I occasionally turned to check on Jesse and he was fine talking with other kids on the bleachers.

It was a good thing they allowed so many parents through at a time. The line system helped a lot because they had to talk to us one at a time at the tables. We got paperwork, dayplanners, schedules, forms and paid fees as we moved from table to table. We were not able to meet the Band instructor because he was MIA. Also absent was a rep from the Boys & Girls Club, and that wasn’t good because I had to renew Jen’s membership there. There were forms on that table and I grabbed one without looking – only later to find I’d grabbed the one in Spanish! D’oh! Jennifer said it was okay; we could just walk over to the Boys & Girls Club to renew her membership.

So that’s what we did next. I had to fill out the membership form AGAIN to renew her membership. Ugh! It’s a long form and I had to keep checking my phone and cards to write down info they needed. I don’t know why they didn’t just keep her info in their system and I could tell them that nothing’s changed. Oh, well. So I took care of THAT and also paid that fee.

After we got home, Jen checked in with one of her BFFAEs to compare schedules and see what classes they have together. She gets her locker tomorrow because she has to fill out the locker agreement form first and turn that in. She also spent time putting all of her stuff together and getting it all ready for her first day of 7th grade tomorrow.

That’s two Meet & Greets done for the week. Now for the second first day of school!


Millie said...

Omg! That sounds like an exhausting evening! Well, now it's all done! I'm sure Jen will have lots of fun in 7th grade! :)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thank you. Yeah, it's been going good for her so far. She is doing well. And, yes, that WAS an exhausting day, but with the school year in full force, I have to get used to my life being crazy-busy during the week -- and even during the weekends, what with Jesse playing soccer again then, later, basketball.