Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Three things from today

I recently started a new schedule. This one, like the others, will expire come summertime, but so far it seems to be working well for me and the kids. It’s helping me to get in some writing time, some book work, and some personal time. And we even have time to watch a movie. Part of this new schedule includes time to read the news, which I feel is important to do every day.

However, most of the news I read is on the Internet. And when you’ve got a computer that is so painfully slow, this can be nerve-wracking if you are crushed for time. Which I am!

Today I realized that it’s not so much of a good thing to read the news online. Out of the 8 articles I wanted to read, I could only read one. Just! One! How will I live??? Ugh. I was so mad and so disappointed. Of course I read the local newspaper later in order to get my “news fix” for the day, but I was still upset I couldn’t read the other news items. I wanted to read about the new form of matter they discovered in outer space or the new crime intervention program they created specifically for schools that was successfully tested at a middle school but, no, I did not have the time to read them. Darn it! Hopefully I can get caught up on Saturday. That is my day to get caught up on what I couldn’t read during the week!

I know a lot of newspapers are switching to having news on their web sites, but for folks with slow computers or smartphones with bad connections, this is not always a good thing. Sometimes, print is better.

Also today, I gave my dog a bath and after the bath, I swear, it looked like he was sitting there all glum-faced like he was saying, “I just had a bath. Dislike!” LOL My dog doesn’t like having baths. He HATES baths! And when I give him baths, it’s like he keeps trying to get OUT of there. The other night, when I was in the bathroom starting to run Jesse’s bath, my dog was in the hallway right out the door and, the minute he heard that water turn on, he bolted! It’s like he said, “Oh no! Bathtime!” And he took off. It was kind of funny. He may hate baths but I can tell he enjoys being all nice and clean after they are over.


After Jesse had soccer practice today, we had to hang out at that school because we were waiting for someone. Then afterward, Jesse wanted to play at the playground. Since we had some time to kill, I told him to go ahead. When it was time to leave, a little boy came up to Jesse and started talking with him. I looked at that kid and thought, ‘That boy looks familiar.’ Then I looked up and saw his mom smiling and waving at me. That was when recognition struck. I was like, “Oh, hey! Hi!” LOL Turns out the little boy was Jesse’s classmate from preschool. I knew his mom from seeing her at the preschool a time or two and we have also communicated through email. I thought it was pretty cool we ran into them and I’m glad Jesse got to see an old classmate.

Oh, and I’m also on another type of schedule: A laundry schedule! It’s something that Jennifer put together last night and I started trying it out today. More on that later.

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