Friday, August 16, 2013

About a snack

Today I was thinking about having a snack but could not decide on what. After some thought, I figured I wanted crackers, but also something on the crackers. But … what?

Then I thought about what I like to put on these crackers, just to see if anything grabbed me: Peanut butter, peanut butter with jelly, cheddar cheese, imitation crab salad, salami with cheese and honey mustard, tuna and pico de gallo.

Well, I wasn’t sure, though I knew the crab salad was out, because we don’t have any. So I went to the fridge, hoping that something in there would help me to decide better. But something else pretty much sealed the deal. I was shocked to discover that half of the pico de gallo that hubby bought yesterday was already gone! Gah!

If I wanted to have any of it, then it was either now or never.

So I had my snack of pico de gallo on the crackers. It was sooo good. And I’m glad I did, too, because later on in the day, all the rest of the pico de gallo gone! At least I got to have some.

Maybe tomorrow, it’ll be the cheese on crackers next.

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