Monday, November 19, 2012

No more Twinkies? Say it ain't so!

As busy as things can get, I try to stay updated on the news. I’ll watch news on TV as well as read news stories online. I’m subscribed to a few newsfeeds (among them, CNN), so I read these to find out what’s going on with the world.

That is, when I have TIME.

Recently, I have definitely made time to stay updated on news stories, because one Very Big news story has sent shockwaves across the country: Hostess, the maker of fine treats such as Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos, is filing for bankruptcy and will stop making the same delicious delicacies generations of children and adults alike have enjoyed. That’s right: They are liquidating their assets as I type this. Shutting down. And will stop making their sweet treats.

The news left me in shock. No more Twinkies? NOOOO!!!!! Quick, somebody start a “Bring Twinkies Back” campaign!

I don’t think I can live in a world without Twinkies.

Oh, I have such fond memories of chomping down on those delicious, sugary and cream-filled yellow cakes. Yes, I know they’re loaded with sugar and fattening, but when you’re a kid, YOU DON’T CARE! The only thing you do care about is that it’s a Twinkie, that it’s delicious, and that it is YOURS.

It’s not so much sugar addiction or a desire to pack on the pounds that makes me sad over the disappearance of Twinkies ( as well as the Ding Dongs and cupcakes). I am an adult, in my late 30s, and I can tell you I have definitely had my fill of Twinkies in this lifetime. I can live without eating another Twinkie! But it’s just the very DISAPPEARANCE of Twinkies I am sad about. I want Twinkies to stick around! Thinking about them and looking at them bring back such happy childhood memories.

But there’s another reason I don’t want Twinkies to go away: My children. My kids LOVE Twinkies. They have enjoyed them as an occasional treat, and it makes me sad that they will never be able to enjoy them ever again. My daughter, age 11, became very sad when I told her they’re not going to make Twinkies anymore. It’s not like we were shoving them down the kids’ throats; like I said, Twinkies were an occasional treat. But now that they are GONE, as in NO LONGER EXISTING, it’s sad because now she’ll never get to have another Twinkie again. Ever! (Unless I happen to buy a box of Twinkies selling on eBay going for the price of $15 million.) And it’s sad for her because she DID enjoy having them every once in a while.

My youngest, age 5, has had Twinkies, too. Now I’m starting to wonder if, with Twinkies gone, he’ll even remember them at all.

I am sad about the Hostess treats going away, but I’m angry about it, too. The world just really sucks right now. Everybody is losing jobs and nobody can even GET a job. The cost of gas is outrageous. The cost of food is outrageous. People are losing their homes and people are really struggling with health issues because they can’t afford to go to a doctor. And now there won’t be anymore Twinkies! We are losing a lot of things and seeing a lot of businesses we all knew and loved in our childhood fade away into obscurity.

I have to wonder what other cherished foods or beverages are going to go away, too. Is Coca Cola next? Well, if Twinkies can be taken away, Coca Cola will probably be taken away, too.

The Mayans were right, folks. This IS the end of the world!


Kenzie Rowan said...

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Dawn Colclasure said...

Thank you. :)

Frank Baron said...

Dawn, you'll have to venture north of the 49th. Hostess is still in business in Canada - though they don't make all the goodies you're used to. But you'll be able to get your sugar fix. ;)

Dawn Colclasure said...

Hey, Frank. Maybe you can ship me a box of Twinkies. I may not be able to pay the $17 mil for them but I will think of something. :)

I read in the news that they tried mediations with the union but it didn't work out. Hostess is officially shutting down. That's pretty depressing. But I hope that another company will be making those goodies. I know that I for one will be buying them more often.