Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jesse turns 4!

October may be National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but in my home, it's also the "birthday month." It's actually the second such "birthday month" in our home. My husband and I both have a birthday in May, while our children both have a birthday in October. (Pretty convenient, eh?) Yet it seems we can never celebrate the kids' birthday the way birthdays are normally celebrated. One year, for example, the kids had three birthday parties each because we went to different relatives' homes to visit in California. And this year, each child got to celebrate their birthday twice because their special day ended up being on a school day. So, for this year, each child gets a special "family party" for their birthday and, later, on the following weekend, a birthday party with friends. (Alas, I won't share those pictures publicly because of the parents' privacy concerns.) Jesse got to have a little party on this day, his REAL birthday where he turned 4, and then on Sunday he'll have a party with friends. Yay!

Here are pictures from today's party. Happy Birthday, Jesse! You are four years old! We love you.

Jesse with his yummy birthday cake!

Jesse with his goofy sis, Jennifer.

Jesse enjoying some of his birthday presents. (Cake? What cake?)

Jesse getting some extra B-day love from his daddy before he heads off to work.

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