Monday, October 25, 2010

Three years old

Despite turning only 3 years old today, Jesse knew something was up. I think he figured out today was his special day after I kept wishing him a happy birthday this morning, after he woke up. At one point this morning, while I was in the kitchen making Jen's lunch, he walked into the kitchen and danced side to side as he sang the happy birthday song. (This was sooo cute!)

Up until his special day, I'd been trying to figure out how we were going to celebrate it. Eventually, I decided not to have his birthday party anywhere and not to have a theme party, either. We just had a cake and ice cream thing at home. We considered inviting his one friend over, but since this was on a weekday, that wasn't doable since his friend would be in daycare.

For his presents, he got new pants and a toy car from me and hubby (he LOVES cars!), a PillowPet from Millie and Allison, and a pair of SpongeBob PJ's and Thomas the Train bath toys from Jennifer. I took a few pictures, which I plan to upload on my Facebook page -- just as soon as I find the dang cord to do that!

I keep thinking this is all a dream. My son is three years old, but I still have a hard time believing he is actually HERE! I am just really amazed and I feel so blessed to have my little boy in my life. Sure he gets cranky and has tantrums sometimes. and he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself. But I just love him SOOO MUCH! I give him lots of hugs and kisses every day. Every new day with him is a gift. Even Jennifer still says she is happy he is in our lives. He is really special and I'm thankful he is with us.

Happy Birthday, Jesse! I love you more than anything. You are one of my two favorite people in the whole wide world. Here's to many more birthdays.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jesse!! Sounds like he had a fun day! (My older daughter had a pillow pal when she was little) :-)
Maybe you dont need the cord for pictures. Just take the memory card out of the camera, plug it in to your computer (most computers up to about 7 years ago have a place to plug your memory card into) then one of two things will happen. Your computer will pop up a box that says open and view files? and you click yes, or if it does nothing, you just find it on your computer...go to computer and it should be listed there as a removable disc or something. Just click on it and you can copy the whole file and past it to any folder you want on your computer. I lost a cord a long time ago and ended up finding these directions and have done it this way ever since.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Nancy. :) Those PillowPets sure are popular! A local Fred Meyer has them all over their store. On the day we were shopping for Jesse's gifts, we saw parents buying bunches of them. We plan to buy some more, just to have around the house. LOL They are sooo comfy for a pillow.

I didn't know that about the memory card. Cool! Hubby is the computer guy so I'll have to ask him about how exactly to do that. The camera is a gift from him he got me for my birthday so he would know more about that. I can only stare at that stuff and scratch my head. LOL! I know that cord is around here somewhere, though. I've just been SO busy working on the galley that I haven't put too much effort into finding it.