Thursday, August 13, 2009

Slowing down on housework

I realized something this week: I am spending more time doing housework than I am doing the writing. That's not good! I have to get my book to the publisher in two months! So I have to make writing the priority. At least for now. At least until I get this book done and sent off to the publisher.

I know I get grouchy if my house is dirty. If it's NOT clean. But this is important and I know that I can't screw it up.

At least laundry and dishes are getting done every day. (Well, at least on the days I can do them!) At least my children are clean and well cared for. At least there are meals being cooked for everybody to eat.

As it is, I CAN'T do so much housework these days. I have been having bad pain in my left hip lately. I don't know why. One sister thinks it's dehydration, another sister thinks it's the change of seasons. Who knows! If the pain is too much, I won't be doing a whole lot of housework. I'm sorry, people, but it hurts too much to stand up! Also, my left foot has hurt a lot, too. But this is a permanent thing. I only have three toes on my left foot. They did a toe-to-thumb transplant with both of my feet years ago and that is why I only have three toes on my left foot. And three "toe fingers" on my left hand. I wonder if they foresaw the pain later on down the road? Nevertheless, yes, I have bad pain in my foot. So much so that I can't stand on it. (I have been limping a lot recently!) Sometimes, it doesn't hurt. Sometimes, it does. I have learned to live with this like I have learned to live with my back pain.

But I have to there a connection?

In the past, my back pain would be so severe, I was literally mush on my left side. I was literally dragging my left foot along across the foor because everything on the left side turned to mush. Completely useless.

And now my left hip is acting up. And my left foot.

It really makes me wonder if there is a connection.

One of my siblings has a genetic hip condition. In fact, he had to have hip surgery, before he was even 30 years old! And ever since his diagnosis, I have dreaded getting the same thing. And now, at the age of 35, I have to wonder: DO I have the same thing? Now? Will I need to have surgery?

I will have to pray on this.

I don't like a dirty house. I don't like things being messy. I like it CLEAN. But if I can't clean...well, then I can't clean! I am going to see a doctor about these physical problems.

In the meantime, the house will NOT be as clean as it used to be. I know it will be hard to deal with that on a personal level, but I will get through it. It is only temporary. This, too, shall pass.

At least this gives me an excuse to sit down more often. To cuddle up with the children. And work on my books.

LATER: I am thinking there could be other reasons why I have the hip problem. With the foot, it is a no-brainer why. But with my hip, it could also be...picking up and carrying the baby around at times (he weighs 25 pounds!), a bad mattress or bad posture. These are things I can consider looking into, as well.


Nancy said...

yeah you need to stop cleaning. Just do some basics, laundry dishes etc and tell yourself you will pick up the baby only a couple of times a day till your hip is better. Maybe put him on the other hip?

I hope you feel better soon Dawn!!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thanks, Nancy. :) It's no fun dealing with the hip pain. I try to allow the baby to walk whenever possible. Or I will just take his hand and guide him to where he needs to go. I know I can't keep picking him up all the time if I am experiencing that pain. And, yes, I'm doing the chores that positively NEED to be done every day. What I can get done, anyway. Last night, the pain was too much for me to sweep and mop floors. And I had to just wait to clean up a mess because every time I cleaned it, the baby made the mess again! So I had to hold off on doing that until he was asleep. Some days are good, some not so good. At least some stuff gets done in between. And it helps that Jennifer has taken on some chores around the house, too. Like dusting and vacuuming.